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This post will be interrupted occasionally by random instances of humourous ethics violations, including pictures with words splayed over them, and plagiarism from Ivan

The first unethical picture:



The impact of an American presidency is like a prison buggering. It is likely to happen, but maybe it won’t you will not really know for sure until it is over. 

Think of the sick babe who couldn’t get treatment at her local centre four because the only gynaecologist had been fired after it was discovered that he put in two months at a Marie Stopes clinic and the administrators know that if they are linked with the slightest whiff of abortion Bush won’t give them funds any more.




Or the guy who was building his house on kyeyo money, until the flow trickled dry because Bush let Greenspan continue his daring deregulation regime, which lead to this financial crisis.

(Unethical Plagiarism starts here: 3. Has anyone considered just how easy it is for thieves to take inventory right around this period. All one has to do is lie in wait and then note down the houses that have people yelling with excitement. Also, it’s easy to be discerning. The ones with yells that have like 5 minute gaps in between them have Pay-TV and that enables them to watch updates every five minutes or so. Those with yells separated by days have free-TV, so it’s really your call. (Plagiarism from Edge of Innocence of Ivan ends here).




You don’t know how it’s going to bugger you, or even if, but you know, watch your ass.

But enough of this gay banter. Now, let us talk about Issues The Concern Us Directly. Such as Morris’ return from BBA… coming up. 

But first, it is Celebrity Endorsement Time!

Hey, Stanely Tucci! Is that you? Renown actor, writer, director, scene-stealer and possibly homosexual gentleman?

Stanely Tucci: I am not gay. You are thinking of Nestor Carbonell.

  • Nestor Carbonell is gay?

Stanely Tucci: Fruitier than Cam’Ron and Eminem in a mudwrestling match. 

  • How do  you even know that? You are just hating.

Stanely Tucci: He came on to me. In the shoe section of a Rodeo Drive store.

  • What were you doing in the shoe section of a Rodeo Drive store? Ha! Gotcha!

Stanely Tucci: I was researching for a role, okay. I was going to play Spongebob in the live-action biopic. I thought you said you had had enough gay banter.

  • Okay. Okay. I understand you have an very amusing and intersting and striking new blog to introduce to us,

Stanely Tucci: I do, indeed. May I lay upon you the cheekiness and the flights of fancy and the extremely lime-green literary stylings of Erique!

  • You mean, Eric?

Stanely Tucci: No, Erique. And Lime Green.

  • I find him very entertaining, with an exclamation mark, too!

Stanely Tucci:That is because, Baz, you are a man of taste.

  • Excellent. Now, I understand you are off to attend a party?

Stanely Tucci: I am, indeed. Joe Biden is having a shot-glass fest to celebrate.

  • Catch you later. 

Stanely Tucci: Word.