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worthy opponents
worthy opponents



Okay, it’s like, that TV of yours, right?  If it was connected to a satellite dish, and if that dish beamed at least three 24-hour news channels into your home, and if it had been connected like this since, like, 1945. And then you met a bright-eyed campus undergrad with long braids and small hands who was impressed to bits that you had managed to have DSTv for this long. 

She would say something to you like, “Dude, you mean you saw the funeral of Gandhi, the I Have A Dream speech, Mandela going in, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Tiananmen Square protests, Mandela coming out again, all that? Wow!”

How would you go and you tell kyana: “Nah, I didn’t watch that stuff. I never saw how it would affect me. And me there was too much hype. Me I don’t go for things which are too over hyped.”

I would never go so far as to claim that the US presidency has no impact on an African’s life. Because, for starters, I got a good grade in A’Level history for that essay I wrote about how the Cold War influenced post-independence African states. (The Grade B answer was “a lot”). But I’ll be the first to admit that I only paid attention to the Obama/McCain race because it was greatly entertaining. It made for great TV. Even when Obama slipped from the role of Super-Candidate after his nomination, (with more flip flopping and backpedalling than a Hotsteps audition) we soon had a comic villain in Sarah Palin to rejuvenate interest in the show.

But even after the hype and the drama, Barack Obama and John McCain are exceptional men, and whichever one of them wins is poised to do great things.

It’s been a hell of a show and I for one will be glad to tell kids in the future that I had a great seat and saw the whole thing.



  1. I don’t know if by the time I have kids this will still be an awesome story to tell. So much more is poised to happen like a woman president here in Uganda. I reckon that will happen before I have kids and that is a story I will be so glad to tell. Tumwi, you up for it?

  2. I am worried becoz after tonight I am not sure what news I will follow. The drama is over……unless of course Florida decided that history must be repeated.

  3. Personally, the show ended for me when Hillary Clinton lost the primaries. Now to watch Obama turn his presidency into the safest, most cautious, most boring in history.

    He won’t start wars, he won’t approve stem cell research, he won’t legalize gay marriage, he won’t appoint any radical judges to the supreme court, he won’t …

    What he will do, is to play it safe. Safe is boring. Who will we mock?

    Now it would be really different if McCain/Palin won. I’d have a field day … every day.

  4. Tumi so quick to start, before even the guy has an hour into presidency. The person who coined the saying “don’t Judge a book by it’s cover”

    McCain has already conceded defeat and “Obama Wining the election is enough to show he’s worthy of the position” unquote…

    Let’s wait and see if he cleans up the US mess hence the world..

    Now!!! That’s a story to watch

  5. The person who coined the saying “don’t Judge a book by it’s cover” must have had good reasons to do so backed by proberbly thousands of experience

  6. Tumwi has a point. McCain and Palin in the White House might have made for some amazing lolmoments.

    That said, I think people have pumped up the “saviour” aspect of Obama, – largely because he is black – and he now has his work cut out for him.

    Change is not going to be instantaneous. People should begin to float back down to earth now.

  7. He will disappoint those who thought he would be the black african president, but i still have high hopes. This man is going to be a splendid president of america.

  8. M/w We’ve not heard from the main guy Osama…..

    petesmama, am surprised you are more into the lol moments instead of more serious issues…shame on you..
    It was not about the race but the Economic crisis. Democrats would still have it if Clinton was representing. Give the dude a break and concede He has won
    Now lets wait and watch, he might turn Osama(Bin) right

  9. Are you saying thst newvision lied the other day? Obama does not really have Uganda top on his agenda? all he is goint to do is play safe? dammit!

  10. Watch. He’s going to kill all the babies and bugger all the men and make all the white people slaves in saudi arabia!

  11. I’d love to contribute to this debate, but Kenya is closed for some serious partying. And Victoria, yes, tomorrow is a public holiday.

    I’ll check in on you after we’ve finished the celebrations.

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