Pal of Africa Musirk Aourds

The Pam Awards came, reminded us why we used to rag on Kazoora so much and then, their work being done, left. 

Make no mistake; their work IS done. I have searched to find any tanglible, measurable practical benefit PAM awards have beyond lining Ice Mulindwa’s pocket and the only one I have found it this: they enable unscrupulous singsong boys to dupe tone-deaf or out-of-touch sponsors into paying more money.

And of course with all these awards coming in, artistes increase the amount of money charged for performing at shows and for the next album. After their success at the PAM awards, Bobi Wine now charges Shs 4 million, Juliana Kanyomozi Shs 5 million, while Blu3 charge 3 million for a performance. (Story here). 


Which might mean that you  the ticket-buying punter, and yes, you are the victim here, has to fork out more of your hard-earned (or in cases, hard-borrowed) cash just because the arbitrary, random, dart-at-the-door guesswork of the panel decided to make your favourite minstrel more expensive. Now you have to pay more to see him drunkenly lip-synch while the harpies around him jerk their hips in what is only unison for the first few seconds.

The problem with the PAMA Wards, (besides the whole being a shallow, indulgent, bewildered, misguided and pointless orgy of ego stroking thing) is that the categories make no sense. Any true musician or music fan will tell you that genres these days are so fluid that it does more harm than good to box a song or singer in one category. 

They would also tell you that Fela would never ever recognise Weasel and Radio as fellow Afrobeat musicians, and that Folkpop is just a silly silly silly word. 

They would also ask you to warn them well in advance before you let Bebe Cool or Kazoora speak so they can turn off their TV and/or run out of the room screaming and finally, they may ask for the number of the third queen dancer on the left—you know, the one with the you-knows. 

Yes, I’m hating. But you know I’m right.

Anyway, For Tumwi: 


For Tumwi, just because I feel cheeky.
For Tumwi, just because I feel cheeky.


  1. Hate on, Mister, hate on. My take on this is if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. the awards are far from perfect, but it’s the best we have. So let’s live with them, even try to enjoy their ludicrousness, until we can get the perfect thing. That is if we need the perfect thing. Who defines pefect things anyway?

  2. Those things were a piss off. Juliana herself couldnt believe she won knowing she didnt do any song this year. But anyway who says no to Shs 10 million when last year she said the awards are scam. When you aint nominated they are scam when you have prize man waiting they are mana from heaven.

  3. Banange, speaking of which, how/where isJKinternational aka Dave Kazoora aka JKazoora?
    Gosh, he’s so lost in my eyes and ears.

    Remember when they had Blu 3 under the Hip Hop category?

  4. Its a way for our music to grow and artistes to some how gain. I’ve never bought any Ugandan Music (plus millions of others I bet) but I somehow pay to see em perform..
    They do leave a lot to be desired.

  5. Mulin keeps claiming that the PAM awards have led to the improvement in the quality of music production and I keep saying bullshit. If some does something, they will improve over time, so with or without PAM awards, the quality of music production in 2008 can’t be the same as that in 2003.

    And granted, Mozey Radio and Weasal are good, but best new artistes? These guys have been around since 2003 singing 20% of the time and carrying speakers for Chameleone 80% of the time.

    Album of the year-Philly Lutaaya tribute album? That album had like 3 well done songs and the rest were butchered.

    PAM awards is one mega social event- Has absolutely nothing to do with music in the proper sense. And I will keep hating until Mulindwa breaks me off some of that money.

  6. Emi’s, me I believe in local music. When it rocks, we praise it. As in the case of Iryn, of course. But the PAMs are like the Grammies: always been a load of bull. Vicky, that’s why I chuck award shows. Show your support by going for the Kigunda and screaming tha artiste’s (Iryn’s) name.

    But if it’s Bebe Cool, it’s better you dance and scream when he isn’t hearing. We can’t let his head get any bigger.

  7. sh’d have seen bebe cool butcher weasle & radio on Eatv lastnite, mbu they can’t even speak english,
    that sm ppo claim them have degrees in MDD kumbe they earned them studying under the mango tree lol.

    the one thing i know fo sho that has improved in the ugandan musik industry is the beef, it’s now about money & nice cars…we love it, don’t we? i know i do

  8. @Eddslah
    you missed out cars, money and good looking women indeed.

    with emphsis on the good looking women

    i am co-signing with Tumwi on the LOL-Obam-a-tistikal-ism

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