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Thurrogit Number 1. Can’t Knock The Hustle 

Blogtrotting this evening, I found This: Precious Magic (TM),  a review of a poetry and short story collection by Jane Musoke Nteyefas, who is like a superhero in the sense that it seems no one has ever met her or knows who she is, but we all know she exists mysteriously somewhere. 

The book is available for free reading online, at Google Books.

If that link doesn’t work, please search for “Butterflies of The Nile” at books.google.com

That review makes me think the book will be kind of racist, but like I said, I am not going to knock the hustle.

I also found: This  Something you facebook junkies ought to think about…

I told you there are more blogs out there than you and Countryboyi count. 

I should not promise things the way I did last Friday, when I posted Nami and Alana’s picture and never got around to telling you the story,  but this one for reyo-reyo I will post it. I am going to spend the whole weekend working on it.

I got an email from Nigeria telling me that a friend of mine was stuck in Lagos and needed money.

A flurry of correspondence ensued, rising to a cresendo of lies, before plummeting abruptly into an anticlimax when Sylvie Owori stole the two grand. Stay chooned.