Kwambox Returns

Kwambox left the Big Brother house on Sunday, taking with her every last iota of interest I had left in the whole show. 

Which should not be taken as an honest criticism of the programme. The fact that I hardly ever even watched it at all renders me soundly unqualified to comment on it. That is, unqualified to comment in anything but a shamelessly deceitful way. Which I shall now proceed to do.

Sheila Kwamboka became the most recent Big Brother evictee this Sunday, but the feisty Kenyan refused to leave quietly and achieved what University of Johannesburg statisticians believe could quite possibly be the fastest single-backhanded castration in history when Thami stupidly began to giggle after her name was announced.

Asked whether he will disrupt the show now that Thami’s balls are gone, Big Brother producers replied that they saw no reason to interrupt the proceedings. Thami wasn’t using his testicles that much anyway and if the time ever came when he had urgent need for a pair, Mimi would be more than happy to lend him hers.

Kwambox is out of the house now, but inside there is thick sense of fear. As she was dragged out of the door, kick and screaming in the hands of the burly BBA security men, she promised fiery and certain and painful retributions and the housemates do not know when or how they will arrive, but are certain that they are coming soon.

Tawana is particularly frightened. A special set of branded Big Brother Adult Diapers had to be issued to contain leakage since it became obvious that she was going to piss herself every time she heard a sudden noise and nothing could be done to stop it.

Morris has described his feelings as “mystical” and said he felt “enigmatic” before adding, “It has decalcified my magnanimity and bedecked my consternation likewise.”

University of Johanesburg statisticians were asked to translate, but they are still too busy trying to decode his speeches from three weeks ago.

Finally, TK vanished the night before last. There were scratch marks on the wall of the BBA house and rumours of a sighting at the Kenya Airways terminal at the airport, which have prompted a slew of brochures from Anti-Stalking bodyguard firms to fly to Sheila’s hotel. 



  1. I have never followed this BBA3. And as if to punish me, when I got to Steak Out on Sunday for the eviction party, I found all the beer finished—I feel more alienated than ever from this show.
    Baz–can’t those guys get something more mind-boggling, intellectually-challenging, oblongata-wracking than subjecting people to watching a bunch of unguided pretentious adults?

  2. @SherryDoll I found something for you:

    @Walkonboy, I’m well. And not going to post about the tragedy.

    31337: Naw man, you are (We do the dude punching thing)

    Minty: you mean I was right? I have never watched him.

    @ Sibo: !

    @Sherry, I am doing like you.

    @Don, you don’t find Big Brother mind-boggling?

    @ Di and Vicky: Come on you people, it’s even you I write this stuff for! How will I impress you?

  3. How you do is replying each comment nicely, Cher.

    Sibo, the point of BB? The best reason anything anywhere can positbly have for existing: To make money. That’s the point of BBA.

  4. Kwambox? You over idolise her also you! She went out of the house and promptly dumped that sweater-wearing-buttcrack-showing lard of mass. Good for her.

  5. Sibo, That is why you are poor. The money makers get it.

    As for Morris – He left Kako but Kako Secondary school just refused to leave him. Did anyone hear when he said ‘Voxwajen’ in reference to a German made automobile?

  6. First spot this sentence: “Endemol generates about 20 percent of its annual 900 million euro (591 million pounds) revenue from Big Brother.”

    Money. Juicy money.

    Olive, I take a bow.

    You guys have to read the Sunday Vision recap this weekend. I shouldn’t advertise it here, but for world.

  7. 591million pounds??? That is more that 1bn dollars! Those wankers make all that money out of nonsense like that? Shenzi
    Double damn!!! Wow…Baz, we need to do something.

    I am seriously serious. There is enough money for everyone.

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