Celebrity Endorsement Time



  • Host: Hey, is that you Cookie Monster, the character from Sesame Street?
  • Celebrity Guest: Yup. Me here to introduce new blog.
  • Host: What happened to Russell Crowe? I asked for Russell Crowe.
  • Celebrity Guest: Russell no available this week. Him have spa accident. No ask.
  • Host: By “spa” you mean “brothel in Athens”, and by “accident” you mean he microwaved his penis again, right?
  • Cookie Moster: Dude, what part of “No ask” you needed help with?
  • Me: Well, I just can’t believe he went back there after what happened the last time.
  • Guest: Crowe huge pervert, yes, but even huger dumbass. However, forget about him. Let’s get down to business. Me have cookies to chase.
  • Self: Yes, let’s get down to business. This new blog. Tell us about it.
  • Him: liz-venividivici.blogspot.com! It lively, stimulating and opinionated but in interesting way. So far only few posts which are in slice-of-life vein, but me look forward to enjoying more in future. By the way, you have cookie? Cos me want cookie.
  • I: First of all, are you going to introduce http://mamazumzum.blogspot.com/ 
  • Guest: Yes, as matter of fact. Me particularly like recent post on Nature Morte. Me no speak Portuguese, but me like word “etoile”. Sound crunchy.
  • Host: Thank you CM. Now, you’d better leave before we all get tired of the way you talk.
  • It: Baz, you no miss part where me give a damn what you think. That part no exist at all.

19 thoughts on “Celebrity Endorsement Time

  1. @Solomom King:
    Mamazumzum (Moi) is part Ugandan, part Rwandan, current adress Ntinda,Kampala.
    no wait…that my parents’home. current adress: Middleofnowhere, northern Sweden.
    Yes, add me,add me,add me, to ….whatever you wish.

    @Baz :
    Thanks for the mention Baz.
    In other news, like I said, I love You and I am still waiting for my miraculous transformation into the object of your desires (Liz,you lucky gal,you…)

    @Nevender: Ribara uwariraye is explained on my blogg!!! Welcome.

  2. BTW:
    Nature morte: dead nature. refers to artistic representation of dry things that used to be not dry…( ijust love my definitions)

    Its not portuguese though, its actually french…

  3. Only Darlkom is licenced to call you Ernest.

    I miss Cookie Monster. And the Count. And Kermit.

    Lolling at ‘microwaved penis’. Not lolling at the mental picture. Ruins breakfast 😦

    So Mamazuzum is international eh? Mamazuzum – take a hint. Some people call Baz Ernest. Liz is not one of them. Others only say Baz. Be prepared for a long wait

  4. Who is this Victoria having Dee’s interests at heart so fiercely? Eh! And gwe Iceland, I have an uncle who passed on in the 90’s but had been to ALL countries in the world but China. Well, those were the tales he used to tell us. Was one of the first diplomats and ambassadors of Uganda. So ha! Museveni is not the first one.

  5. Muza (is that how they pronouce it?) welcome to blogger. Now let me see what it is that baz is excited about to offer you free PR.

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