Some Lolbiggies. Why not. That is not a question.




or r u happy 2 c me
or r u happy 2 c me




no ess
no ess



ho and dumbass
ho and dumbass


By the way,


If anyone happened to pass over the New Vision today, and see the grotesquely mutilated carcass of the article I gave them, and if you are not completely put off by the road-kill they published, the actual article, in proper English, is over here.

Another weakness of the traditional press is that it has subeditors who can’t handle the language. Ntssssss.

13 thoughts on “Some Lolbiggies. Why not. That is not a question.

  1. Lol, for real Solomon, Baz has heaos of time. And I am not complaining. I love the outcome of this.

    Asiki yuwaselefu, how do Indian chics walk with no Essess?

  2. Don ( Wrote:

    Baz–the only positive thing about the opinion was your ka-mugshot. I never knew you could be that cool minus bu-glasses!
    But as someone who has been in the subbing trade for a while, I can only sympathise with the sub, who had to scale down your article from 816 words to 600 words. Kyoka Baz–even when rules are clear mbu send an article of 600 words, you behave like everyone else and send one of 800 words? Just because you want the sub to earn her pay? (edited.)

  3. Don. I have edited your comment and removed the sub’s name. Now on to other things:

    I have learnt in all the years I have been here, on both sides of the desk, that writers hate subs as much as subs hate writers. No one ever likes to have their work changed, so every time you do it expect to be cursed in Kirussia or whichever bullpen you got the story from. They curse you virulently every week and you don’t even know it. It’s part of the job. The only people who don’t mind are those who hand in trash anyway.
    Secondly, there are better ways to cut 800 to 600 even if you don’t want to call the writer and tell him to do it himself, but I can’t post a manual here.

  4. Okay. Let me try to link the two unconnected posts (one a rant, really).

    If Citizen Journalism really tells the unspoken truth, then I look forward to your Lolbiggies teeling us the truth about why Ug’s Morris really needs to be evicted- fast- from the BBH. You would describe how he goes about spitting up phlegm in the bathroom and swimming pool; how he cannot have a conversation without hitting serious mbogo every two minutes (I mean – Julius Nyerere president of Kenya??); and how he is duller than dishwater that washed plates of posho and beans. For his own health. and for Uganda’s good, Morris needs to leave.

  5. Victoria, you know I’ve got nothing but love for Uganda…

    … and that’s why I agree wholeheartedly: Morris must go. For God and your country.

    I mean, did you hear him talking to Uti when they were looking at some photographs? It went like this:

    Morris: “These were taken at a fashion show for CHOGM. That stands for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.”


    Morris: “Do you have that organisation in your country?”

    {KC slams head on desk, prays for her neighbours.}

  6. EEE Kenyan chik?? Ok, I have never watched this BBA3 but I am doubtful our Morris could stumble like that on CHOGM. Tell me you are lying.
    Baz–i get you. The problem is that a sub editor is supposed to be an authority on nearly everything under the sun and beyond; especially if you are handling stuff like opinions. I mean one day someone can write about neuroscience (oba what is this?) and another on tribalism in Malaysia. You have to run all this. It can become overwhelming!! So, why did you expect of a sub, who probably has never heard of the word “blog”, to “humanely” circumcise your piece?
    And luckily for you Baz–you are one of the few writers with a subbing licence or is it the other way round? So, whom do you side with in this never ending war; sub or writer?

  7. Naye this is truly a karoli infested dump in some lost Siberia of the blogosphre,
    I think that UG dude is killing Ugandan CVs that read ‘handsome,single successful and horny’ which even that dry lipped brother called Bazanye is.
    Please vote that boy out.. everybody!



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