Hatari! Miniskirts!

I have been on leave and, as elaborated in my previous post, been broke, so I have not had a lot of time on the internet with the rest of the world. This therefore caught me by surprise. I just walked into the internets and look what I found in my news inbox: From the Ghanaian news editor of AfricaNews in Accra came this story, headed: 

Miniskirt row rocks Uganda


I did a double take, because I thought for a moment I had misread the words and the sentence, which would be correctly read as “Miniskirts rock in Uganda” or “Rows of miniskirts in Uganda rock”, came out skewed.

Nope. “Heated debate” has apparently “erupted,” says the story, on “whether women should be banned from wearing tight miniskirts in public or otherwise.”

I would expect heated debate to erupt on permission to wear tight miniskirts in public or otherwise if it were, say, Capital FM deejay Alex Ndawula in question, but women? Why should we do anything but encourage them heartily?

This reason has been given by the cabinet minister responsible: Hot chicks are a traffic hazzard, he says. 

“The country’s ethics and integrity minister s spearheading the call because women wearing them distract drivers and cause traffic accidents.”

Him again. Lord. Does this guy ever do anything except just sit there and ask for it? 

Thus spake James the Ethical: 

“You can cause an accident because some of our people are weak mentally. If you find a naked person you begin to concentrate on the make-up of that person and yet you are driving.”

Sounds like he is speaking from experience.

James didn’t answer the obvious question: Why not just pull over and park, you moron? 

Nsaba Buturo is flying the Ugandan flag high, representing this great nation all over the world wide web, ensuring that this noble republic gets a mention in “Wierd News” “Oddly Enough News” and “Funny News of The Day” segments around the globe. They are even making fun of us in Zimbabwe, Banange!

 (right at the bottom)

And who would have thought Buturo would get on BET before Bebe Cool?


Foreign Policy Magazine said Ugandan Drivers, Beware The Miniskirt Menace!

“The BBC notes that Buturo is seeking to rid Uganda of its many vices, and inappropriate dress is just one of the many indecent items that appear on the minister’s list. Among others are theft and embezzlement of public funds, sub-standard service delivery, greed, infidelity, prostitution, and homosexuality. But I guess miniskirts were the low-hanging fruit.”


I liked that.


Oh, snap. Look! 


I need a drink.

 But before we close, there is a quote from a pro-miniskirt activist in the story that started it all: 

“I wear miniskirts a lot. I am not comfortable in long skirts because I have nice legs. The only thing that makes me comfortable is miniskirt. I don’t support it (ban), where are we going to put them because we have bought them and those selling them have paid taxes on them too,” young Sylvia stated.

18 thoughts on “Hatari! Miniskirts!

  1. SOCKS???

    Somehow I doubt these socks.

    Anyhow, I would like to thank B2B and T for the opportunity he gave me to win these SOCKS!!!

    Buturo is suffering from what to do!

  2. Lol…Zimbabweans are making fun of us? It IS BAD!!!!

    I thought people who were mentally weak were INSANE. DEMENTED. MAD. LUNATICS. BALALU. Sente in Wandegeya…apparently, mini skirts make mad men of normal people. Too bad.

    But u know what, we aren’t that crazy…some states in the US banned sagging pants! I wonder how Jay Z survives…

    Baz, if u follow the forum’s comments from the BET article, u will laugh. Some gems in there. Esp this one from

    “D. Alexander said on September 18th, 2008

    He must have been in an accident or something. What is wrong does he not trust himself?”

    Sorry for the multiple comments…but I’m receiving treatment.

  3. LOL!
    This is the most hilarious piece I have seen in a while.
    The amusement is pierced with a bitter disbelief though…
    From what self-deluding world does Buturo emerge?

  4. Was the minister talking about himself when he said some drivers are mentally weak? Has anyone seen the way he speaks?very slowly with a confused look on his face as if he is in doubt of what he is saying.The poor guy might be in need of help

    Baz, you have just got your permit, help the minister for a refresher course in driving you know things like keeping eyes on the road.

  5. Nsababuturo needs to be let out of that box he is crammed into. What flimsy arguments he puts across! And in the international media? As if we have not been embarrassed enough as it is. Does he actually have figures to support these disgraceful and pathetic arguments?

    “according to reasearch, 80% of all motor accidents since the invention of the mini skirt have been caused by those of feeble heart, perverted minds and dirty ogling eyes. And 20%, because, said mini skirt wearer was seated right beside aforementioned people while they drove” something like that would be a great foundation for such vulgar allegations.

    I don’t even wear mini skirts. I am doing this for my friend Hazel.

    Did you hear the one about the guy that invented the mini skirt? He ran out of material and decided to use what he had. Actually, that was for the g-string, but whatever!

  6. totally no comment. i couldnt bring my mind to the level where i could muster the words to say a decent reply. am sorry.

  7. Our ministers specialise in being stupid ela i be not surprised at this man’s comments. Miniskirts causing accidents?! I’m even laughing. Anwaiz, it is the weekend and I am officially inviting you to “Rock in the Park” at Effendy’s, Centenary Park tonight. You should make it.

  8. I was waiting for your reaction to that news for the longest time. Totally satisfied.

    Jame’o just needs a hug. I suggest we send him to Antipop or GUG.

  9. I remember when my friends were running for MUK students’ guild posts and we sat and imagined what it would be if my (mass comm) class got all the posts.

    The first thing I was gonna do was issue permits to wear…wait for it…wait for it…..YEAH: mini-skirts!
    I argued that only great legs should be allowed out uncovered, and i should,together with my own appointed commitee, decide whose legs were sexy enough to be seen on the MUK scene. Anybody caught in a miniskirt without a written,signed and stamped permit by Us,would be fined.

    Our dear minister must have been eavsdropping on our (totally unserious,Mr Minister! )conversation.

    This is sad.really sad. As if we didnt have enough issues to ponder as it is.

  10. Baz, you never disappoint. Especially when it comes to Buturo the Integral.

    Just Lolling at Alex Ndawula in a mini. Someone should write up something like this: If women in Minis cause accidents – what would men in minis cause – the apocalypse?

    Presenting an experiment – men in minis. In addition to Ndawula, my top three candidates would be:

    1. S. Kahinda Otafiire
    2. Mike Mukula (please do the catwalk, captain)
    3. Candi Jamwa

    Sorry, couldnt help this mini blog in yours

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