Random Thuroggits.


  • We open this weekend’s Thurrogits with a request. Wanted: An authoritative comment on the malicious rumour that the word Akaboozi in Luganda actually means something else.
  • Secondly, on the 13th of September, we we mark the day, 12 years ago, when our brother, Tupac Amaru Shakur, left us. And retired to Havana where he is living under the name of Esteban Ocero Dos Scianta and currently runs an antique bookstore/ cannabis bar/ ballet studio in a small hacienda. On the west side of the city, of course.

Tupac was a powerful musician, and even though I don’t agree with some of his messages, I appreciate and respect his talents. The only people who can deny his gifts, are those who haven’t listened to him anyway, but be that as it may, I’m still going to fuck with him, because what’s he going to do to me? Cuba is miles away.

Tupacs new song – Dave Chapelle

  • What do Blu*3 and rectal surgery have in common? And if you raised your hand and began making frantic yipping sounds in the hope that the teacher picks you so that you can chirp up a quip about pain in the ass, you are a hater ?

Introducing the Candiru.

Welcome back, if you clicked on the link, from the trip to trauma you just took. Yes, you read right. The Candiru is an invisible fish that swims up your ass and lodges itself inside. With spikes.

  • One last thurrogit: I was googling myself (and not because I am insecure or suffer from low self-esteem; quite the opposite. I think I am awesome and just want to know how far across this web my awesomeness goes. Or maybe I am pretending to be all egotistical to hide the fact that I am reallly shy. Whichever) and I I found this http://www.thebobs.com/index.php?w=1203581200919464CAVKNHVI

I’m on a German media company’s blog awards. Deutsche Velle has blog awards and, well, I’m up for one. I don’t know how it happened, but now that it has, please don’t let this thing close without me getting at least some votes.

Well, there are other bloggers on the list,  (full list of Ugandas here) but can we focus? This is about my self-obsessed, narcisistic, concieted, ego. This is about me. First Person Singular.

Besides, Kampala.ver doesn’t blog any more, so give me his votes. Tumwi is up, too (of course. That woman!) and I am scared of her. So she will keep her votes. Give me Gug’s votes. He is just as self-centred as I am after all.



Looks like we’re out. Whatever Darrel Bristow-Bovey is smoking, I want some and that’s all.



  1. I just put in a word for you for the Bob Polls. I feel like I wrote a reference letter for you. Anyhow, they thanked me for my “suggestion”

    Feels good to be the first here

  2. Baz thweetie, my comment hath been thwallowed…check your thpam, there wath a nithe link for u and I can’t be athed to re-type it. It wath tho long.

  3. yours is what i would love to call a phat blog,if that doesn’t sound sound too west coat.i really like the bland homour;very Ugandan.plus its really about you and maybe big brother and you and some more you and another dose of more you;quite nice though.
    about the awards they are German isn’t it so i guess you’ll definitely get them,why you will?i don’t know..
    keep up the good work and some social issues in black and white will not do us any harm.

  4. There’s a category called ‘Blogwurst Award’, I need to consult my LuGermani guru before voting in that category, lest it’s something frightening. But of course you deserve.

  5. Tried and failed 2 vote. A more worthy vote than one for Morris, this is. Will vote for Tumwi too. Wonder who from UG made Blogwurst. CB?

  6. And I swear Baz, if u start writing about ‘some social issues in black and white’, I swear I wil stop reading you. And I will open my own blog finally and do a very bad job of picking up where you left off.

  7. Lol Minty…hahaha

    But someone called BAZ peacock up…I believe it was Filoug. And my shock is at the factt hat Baz says nothing about his new name.

    In the US (NBC) esp, a peacock is a GAY emblem.

  8. you are crordially invited to attend the “lantern meet of poets” which takes place every two weeks at the national theatre, 3pm. please be there. next meet is on 28 sept 2008. i will bug you until you come!

  9. KC, u need to take your meds again. U must have missed a dose. Yes, peaCOCKs are gay emblems. With all their colors, tail feather display, and gait…too gay!!

  10. LOL @ Victoria and Miss Cheri…
    go Team Baz!! definitely voting for this blog, man! and, is that Bristow-Bovey the plagiarist? Wot’s he smoking that you want?

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