This is not a real blog post. This is just some bullshit.

I am torn.
I believe in sincere, honest, and passionate debate. I believe in discussion. I believe that no one has a right to believe a belief that hasn’t been tested repeatedly through orderly argument, and I believe that a good pow wow can be a lot of fun.

I would have been ecstatic to hear:

“Yes, people have the right to write whatever they want on their blogs, but I wish more people wanted to write about the pressing social and political issues.”


 “The hope of ths country is in the hands of the educated, privileged elite. It is their duty to take an active interest in politics.


Or even:

“You missed the subtle joke Muhumuza was pulling on you: He wanted to illustrate that traditional journalism is superior to blogging and he did this by writing a newspaper article in the style of a blog. I think he made his point.”

You know. Something that addresses the issue.

Instead I get this.

“The best think CB did was to ignore you baz. I think the way you juxtaposed his picture was bad. You also lack journalism ethics. I am not suprised if some one tell me you never passed through MUK because if you had atleast student introduction to photojournalism. I am sure Opolot would have told you that playing with some one’s picture is more warse than  writing a wrong article coz a picture   tell 1000 times more than a story.
By the way, were you writing in monitor requesting  requesting the editor to sack him??????
You need to style up too……..”


What should I say to this fellow? Clearly this argument is over.  The matter is dead and everyone has moved on, except those who have nothing to contribute at all at all at all. Let me go and work on some fictional Big Brother. Ntsssss!