You bloggers don’t talk intarekcho things also you


It is a collosally silly piece of journalism that blithely ignores,,, and others, and choses to pick on the lunatic fringe of the Ugandan bloggers who sometimes talk politics —the guy who says we says we should be ruled by priests  and the pretend-communist who wants to massacre Americans— to illustrate an alleged derth of political discourse in Ugandan blogs.

There are so many things wrong with this story, not least of all the writer’s dishonesty in failing to inform the readers that he is himself a blogger who posts pictures of his family and their birthday parties, talks about his day to day life and writes about about his favourite books.

Then there is the glaring lack of research. It is the layman who thinks that the bloggers who comment with live links on Cheri’s blog are the only ones blogging. There are other Ugandans out there who blog. If you were a journalist about this, and not a spoilt and lazy hack, you would have done a simple google blog search.

But Carlo had the post first. Take it away, Carlo


And some comments so far:

Dennis D who attacks the elite(am i right? am i right?) just to remain relevant.

Angry about being misrepresented by the media? Welcome to the world of mediocrity that is Uganda’s media.

Secondly, he quotes SAGE, a “clever” blogger. Do they know each other outside the blogosphere? Do they share the same beliefs? Can he be objective and neutral when quoting him?

And for someone who is encouraging a “patriotic” blog-style (whatever that may be) why use an irrelevant, unknown American as your focal point?

This was a petty piece of journalism, akin to walking into Rugby Club on a Saturday afternoon and scolding the people there for not being at Kimeeza. There is nothing wrong with a fun hobby, Dennis.

Other blogs have began to appear:

What is with all this intellectual bullshit? What I find intellectual might not be intellectual to you? For example, your failure at being an objective reporter have significantly reduced my view of your intelligence. Does that mean I should stop reading your blog or the Monitor for that matter?

Does the reference to the American make the article or the points therein more believeable?

Ugandan bloggers, you’re at liberty to write about anything, yes anything, and that includes things you do in your bedrooms, how people are suffering under abject poverty… or how shower hour is so good to watch in the morning.
It matters, it really does and its makes blogging a worthwhile experience and reading your blogs a pleasure.

I will post comments in support of Dennis “Countryboyi” Muhumuza’s article as they appear.

This just in, in support of Countryboyi: Felix wonders how the world will know about these things if we don’t take the initiative and expose them!

Look at the issues affecting out society..the corruption at every level, the suffering in the North of the country no one has ever mentioned, the “deals” peole are cutting at the highest levels in office. We coudl do something to expose these things! Expose them to the world.



  1. Remember when I asked if CB knew SAGE and whether he could be objective? (Or why he didn’t at least tell us that this “clever” blogger is his pal?)

    Well, in this article he says he’s known SAGE for 7 years.

    So why don’t we all write articles quoting our best friends, mothers, cousins, etc and make them the final, absolute authority and expert on all things?

    What kind of journalism is that??

  2. Deja vu from last year. That whole Theater of the absurd bit is bizzack to haunt our sweet dreams.

    A person is only allowed to snitch once. CB has done it more than that.

    But I’m too hungry for this.

  3. Thank you Baz, I hadn’t seen that birthday post.

    Kale there are many serious bloggers…like Kalinaki and Wanyama there are so many but I ignore them, u wanna know why, cuz I’m not all interested in our ecomony or what percentage we are growing annually.

    Me, I like to laugh… and that is the sole reason for visiting the blogs I visit.

    After sucking on the sour lemon Carlo gave u, please come and suck mine.

  4. I thought by now I would be tired of hating on CB, but no way.

    Did you notice who the sources of comment for the post were apart from SAGE? There was Rodney Muhumuza (CB turns his chair around and says, “Dude, wamma these blog things, see you give me a comment and I buy you lunch.”); David Kaiza whom I love, but who has a comment for everything; Dennis Oluka, a blogger himself, ergo totally impartial.

    Where were the ‘real pundits’? Where were the people who could give informed comment?

    CB makes so arrrrrgh I want to eat my own hair, lick ash and drink from Nakivubo Canal.

  5. I won’t respond to that Monitor article because I am still reeling from SAGE and Keitetsi’s lash. I was hurt beyond repair and I will choose not to open up old wounds.

  6. You just killed me with the picture Baz! I’m seriously rolling on the floor laughing out loud. I’m almost (note, almost) starting to feel sorry for him now. He he he.

  7. Yes, where is Kakaire?

    & Kakaire, in case you read this, thanks for the circumcision photos you emailed me. I had to delete them though. Sorry, I lost the link to your blog coz I didn’t want to get into trouble over Cindy’s photos.

  8. naye, I want to know when you will resurect some of our heroes. Where is Lizzie on this? And your sons, Chandler and Frazier. Surely, if Lizzie could cross to your blog, the brats can.

  9. This Denis fella – ella – ella is a hater who is stuck in the 1980’s and refuses to let go of archaic ideas. Open your mind to change man !!

  10. Who owns intellectual property rights on blogger. What is this creep’s case? This biy has been an attention seeker since way back in Uni when no body wanted to be next to his yada.

  11. i think i wrote some thing abt the different types of bloggers did he ever get to read it?

    besides i have enjoyed the piece coz all blogs are full of activity!!!

  12. You guys just wanna fight. Any article, as i expect you to know, can be picked apart. He did not write a perfect article, of course. But when do you ever see one? I tihnk you should cut the guy some slack. The truth is, our blogging is still messy — so messy, in fact, that Baz got worked-up over the truth.

  13. Rodney, are you saying that imperfect articles should not be picked apart? That when someone writes misleading articles they should not be disputed?

    It was a pathetic hackjob and you know it. We would cut him slack if this was a blog post, but we expect certain standards from journalists.

    As for the truth, please refer to my long post above, where we can debate the derth of political blogs in Uganda properly. Tell CB to come in and join the debate.

  14. The best think CB did was to ignore you baz. I think the way you juxtaposed his picture was bad. You also lack journalism ethics. I am not suprised if some one tell me you never passed through MUK because if you had atleast student introduction to photojournalism. I am sure Opolot would have told you that playing with some one’s picture is more warse than writing a wrong article coz a picture tell 1000 times more than a story.
    By the way, were you writing in monitor requesting requesting the editor to sack him??????
    You need to style up too……..

  15. GM, that picture has not been altered in any way. Do you consider attaching words to a picture as unethical alteration? Every newspaper and magazine in the world does it. They call it a caption, friend.
    But anyway, this is my blog, not a newspaper, and my blog is not a work of journalism, so I don’t have to adhere to journalistic ethics here.

    Finally: This is what I wrote in the Monitor:

    Dear Editor,

    The story Dennis D Muhumuza wrote for your Monday People & Places section, titled “Ugandan Bloggers Gone Crazy”, had a number of weaknesses in it. I hope you will let me list a few here so that your readers are not further misled.

    First of all, the UBHH crowd he described at Effendy’s doesn’t represent blogging in Uganda. There are several Ugandan blogs that are not part of the UBHH community, and a number that focus on news and current affairs. I have seen specialised blogs on IT, business and professional issues as well. Dennis Muhumuza could have done some homework.

    Secondly, I really do believe that in the interest of full disclosure, he should have mentioned that he is an avid blogger himself, and blogs regularly at It is a typical lifestyle blog, much like the ones he derides in the article.

    Finally, this article had the tone of one walking into Rugby Club on a Saturday afternoon and scolding the people there for not being at Kimeeza. If he wanted to spur Ugandans on to Citizen Journalism, he should probably have found a better way to do it than what I am loathe to call anything but a very poor hackjob. Citizen journalism is an exciting topic that should have been treated better.

    So, you can see, I didn’t ask anyone to fire him.

  16. That Rodney Muhumuza fellow that is yapping non stop should update his blog so he can give political readers something to read. And he should not rip stories fromt he press. Just visited his blog and he last posted months ago.

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