You bloggers don’t talk intarekcho things also you


It is a collosally silly piece of journalism that blithely ignores,,, and others, and choses to pick on the lunatic fringe of the Ugandan bloggers who sometimes talk politics —the guy who says we says we should be ruled by priests  and the pretend-communist who wants to massacre Americans— to illustrate an alleged derth of political discourse in Ugandan blogs.

There are so many things wrong with this story, not least of all the writer’s dishonesty in failing to inform the readers that he is himself a blogger who posts pictures of his family and their birthday parties, talks about his day to day life and writes about about his favourite books.

Then there is the glaring lack of research. It is the layman who thinks that the bloggers who comment with live links on Cheri’s blog are the only ones blogging. There are other Ugandans out there who blog. If you were a journalist about this, and not a spoilt and lazy hack, you would have done a simple google blog search.

But Carlo had the post first. Take it away, Carlo


And some comments so far:

Dennis D who attacks the elite(am i right? am i right?) just to remain relevant.

Angry about being misrepresented by the media? Welcome to the world of mediocrity that is Uganda’s media.

Secondly, he quotes SAGE, a “clever” blogger. Do they know each other outside the blogosphere? Do they share the same beliefs? Can he be objective and neutral when quoting him?

And for someone who is encouraging a “patriotic” blog-style (whatever that may be) why use an irrelevant, unknown American as your focal point?

This was a petty piece of journalism, akin to walking into Rugby Club on a Saturday afternoon and scolding the people there for not being at Kimeeza. There is nothing wrong with a fun hobby, Dennis.

Other blogs have began to appear:

What is with all this intellectual bullshit? What I find intellectual might not be intellectual to you? For example, your failure at being an objective reporter have significantly reduced my view of your intelligence. Does that mean I should stop reading your blog or the Monitor for that matter?

Does the reference to the American make the article or the points therein more believeable?

Ugandan bloggers, you’re at liberty to write about anything, yes anything, and that includes things you do in your bedrooms, how people are suffering under abject poverty… or how shower hour is so good to watch in the morning.
It matters, it really does and its makes blogging a worthwhile experience and reading your blogs a pleasure.

I will post comments in support of Dennis “Countryboyi” Muhumuza’s article as they appear.

This just in, in support of Countryboyi: Felix wonders how the world will know about these things if we don’t take the initiative and expose them!

Look at the issues affecting out society..the corruption at every level, the suffering in the North of the country no one has ever mentioned, the “deals” peole are cutting at the highest levels in office. We coudl do something to expose these things! Expose them to the world.