May God Uphold Thee

An international television event is going to happen this weekend that will call my patriotism to question so I think I should act now to forestall any criticism.

By saying that I don’t even like sports by the way, but I am very proud of our

Too many people seem not to be. I am sure this is not a consensus opinion, but it is a loud opinion and it has been too prominent. Sceptics have referred to our team’s performance using terms like “dismal” and “hopeless” and such and
you would think, after hearing all this, that the team will fly back home on a late plane so they can sneak in quietly and not have us see them troop in with their heads hung in shame.

But I think they should come back like Gaetano. Or at the very least like Maureen.

They are more deserving of such welcoming hordes, after all.

If you went to the Olympics, raced, came in last, then returned to Uganda, you still have the right to brag like a rapper. Because you are a fucking Olympian.

An Olympian. What about.

That means you are one of the best in the country at what you do. That means you are gifted and it is certified. That means that your body and mind are in better condition that that of anyone who would dare raise their nose at you. That means you just kicked the ass of the entire room with your status and they don’t even know it.

When Big Brother starts, my support will go to the prettiest housemate, not to the Ugandan, but don’t call me unpatriotic for that.

Kasita I supported our Olympic team.



  1. yeah, if you kicked they butts and they didn’t realise it, maybe you gotta find something better to do. like go to the bathroom and put something on your head.

  2. Eeh Baz, a whole man like u doesn’t like sports? Yeah, I too subscribe to that sterotype that all men should be sport lovers.”…the team will fly in late…and sneak in quitely” has me laughing.

  3. Me again, you r so right about us. The mere fact that someone gets a chance to rub shoulders with the best makes them feel like they are such big deals even if they are the worst among the best. No wonder we r a broke nation.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more.

    A runner who gave his/her best, trained hard and flew your country’s flag needs some respect.

    People lined up to see Maureen because… let me see: she took off her shirt, danced topless in front of mirrors while muttering nonsense to herself? For THAT people left their homes to go wave at her from the road?


  5. kasita lol what i dont really get is the lack of sportsmen and women given the many sports!i mean we have long legged women and men that can be trained for long jump,those so called dare devils the ones that cling to cars in roller blades could do the bmx bikes surely we can find some javelin guys what with all those hunters!am not happy with whoever is in when big brother starts i will still support uganda we tend to do better even though we get steel(isnt that whats after bronze)

  6. This basket will bone every chic that crosses his path. Just you wait and see. Aint he the one with the looks and attitude plus him knowing that when TZ went to bed with Angola and Nigeria she got the money. I hate big brother

  7. By “prettiest” housemate you of course mean “Kenyan,” right?

    Heh heh.

    Forgive me, our Olympics success has gone to my head. I’ll be fine soon…

  8. OK, KC rub it in. You’ve earned the right.

    She is the prettiest girl- the Kenyan I mean. But, we have the yummiest dude

  9. yes, how come people are so quick to hate on our team? Do you guys notice how there is always some wise arse sports analyst on the ready to explain why we did not make it. Too quick, almost like they submit their articles before we lose… moral support..what happened to that? we are just a pessimistic nugufied lot.
    bambi maureen… who would have thought paint drying would cause such anger!

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