The most random thurrogit ever


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Our computer network is down right now, which can only mean one thing:
Random Thurrogits.
First up on the itinerary is some insightful commentary on international news affairs.
It’s a story about a woman in Russia who asked for a divorce from her husband after his penis extension broke off during sex.

Prepare yourselves for some sex-puns, because this is the sort of story that breeds them like flies.
Grogory Toporov had visited Russian doctors to have a prosthetic extension attached to his comrade after his wife complained that “I don’t know. I just need more from this relationship.”

If that pun was too subtle, how about:


He went to great lengths to make her happy.
He went the extra inch.

After receiving his surgical augementation he must have ran to his beloved shrieking, “Is sexy time!” because it would make sense to say that all people from former Soviet Republics talk like Borat.

It turns out, though, that in some ways Russian technology hasn’t improved much from the way it was during the soviet days, and like a ….. Grigori’s device malfunctioned drastically at a crucial moment.

To be more precise, it fell off.

Ivan asked at this point: “What’s the guy’s name again?”
Grigory Toporov.

“And his thing just toppled-off?”
You see, the world was not through with the puns.

But the soon-to-be-former Mrs Toporov had had enough of not having enough and is insisting on a divorce.



  1. Penis extension? Guys, I’m on holiday and laughing like this is supposed to be the stuff I took the break off for.

    The puns are just killah!

    Toporov LOL u and Ivan should team up to be head writers on a comedy sketch. I’d sign up to be your biggest fan.

  2. I’m in a bikini reading…pure bliss.

    Now if u’ll excuse me, I have some swimming (aka splashing about inthe water)n to do.


  3. Princess, did u reach bulungi?

    Have I showed myself (kwelaga’d) enough? Ok, lemme stop posing.

    Guys, I’m at the beach!!! Somebody get jealous.

  4. For someone in the water at the beach, someone is really doing a whole lotta blogging. I am just saying.

  5. But then again, what do I know?

    Baz, if you hadn’t posted a link, I woulda thunk this is a work of fiction.

  6. she must have toppled off the steed, mightily!

    how vigourous was the sex such that she broke the bloody thing off? how starved was she? damn! American Pie comes to mind…

  7. @ Mizo, remember Vic’s ex who thought blond meant hoootttttt!??? well when she said size doesn’t matter, they had the same line of thought.

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