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From Where it all started, originally uploaded by bazanye.




  1. Okay “big things come one day” but why the totally feminine look??????. But any way mum wanted a girl and what did she get….., sorry I thought aloud!!!

  2. It cant be.. can it ? On second thought maybe it is..

    3yr old gallish looking kid with crazy afro and blank stare + 35 years = 38 year old guy in glasses and basketball cap and same blank stare…

    yes i have done the math. Thats the guy

  3. Now trhis here is Destiny between Dee and I, see how we posted at the same hour and minute (mint).

  4. But u guys, I’m sorry to soil your comments Baz, but this is called for.

    I have clicked that link to your flickr and saw all the pictures, chill Besigye, I have lolled at George Ernest’s advert /poster. His email address is hahahahaha

  5. That person commenting is not me. It is my idiot sister, Doris, who evidently does not know what the use of the delete button is.

  6. Dee, I was wondering when you were going to show up.

    You can imagine how flattered I am that anyone thought it was me. No matter how misguided Mizo is in thinking I ever ever EVER looked girlish!

    Meanwhile, Doris… lol.

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