Random Thurrogits

Fictional Office:

Office Pro: Beti Kamya has quit FDC!
Office Intern: Do u meen sh als wnts 2 join Leone Island?
HOC: FDC, kid. not FBC. As in Forum for Democratic Change, not Fire Base Crew.



Life and Times

So I cooked last night. And was very proud of myself. I am finally growing up and becoming a true adult person who is mature etc. I bragged about this achievement in my chats this morning to a friend who then asked what it was that I cooked.

“Onions and tomatoes and spaghetti,” I replied, the modesty of my tone screaming with pride.

KC concluded that I was such a guy.

And why would she conclude such? I posed.

“Only a guy would itemise onions and tomatoes.”  To ordinary people it goes without saying that they would use these vegetables.

You see, I didn’t know that.


Public Affairs

And finally, I know many people here in the internet love Kenny G. I know. You think he is a great and wonderful musician who is highly adorable and so on so forth.

Not everyone shares the sentiment. Below is evidence:

I first heard him a number of years ago playing as a sideman with Jeff Lorber when they opened a concert for my band. My impression was that he was not really an advanced player, even in that style. He had major rhythmic problems and his harmonic and melodic vocabulary was extremely limited, mostly to pentatonic based and blues-lick derived patterns, and he basically exhibited only a rudimentary understanding of how to function as a professional soloist in an ensemble.

But he did show a knack for connecting to the basest impulses of the large crowd by deploying his two or three most effective licks (holding long notes and playing fast runs – never mind that there were lots of harmonic clams in them) at the key moments to elicit a powerful crowd reaction (over and over again). The other main thing I noticed was that he also, as he does to this day, played horribly out of tune – consistently sharp.

Pat Metheny on Kenny G.



  1. I agree. Lyrical G guys suck. They sing so out of tune, and just piece letters together thru out to make lyrics. And the way they hold the note on Y as they rap out LYRICAL is just sooooo crowd grabbing! wait. you said Kenny G? My badness.

  2. i know! i was thinking i was alone in criticizing the poor sod, ah well, but really, that dude is harsh!

    dude, i see spaghetti, and onions and tomatoes, but most importantly where are the meatballs?

  3. Ignorance is bliss. Some people have gotten pregnant to the sounds of Kenny G. No amout of critique will convince them that he ‘plays horribly out of tune’.

  4. I also thought it was DJ Kenny G of Club Extreme in upscale Kireka—now Baz, I have been wondering lately about your malnourished look–but finally I know where to point the fingure

  5. Baz, that edit about Beti Kamya has made me day…Internis a dwanzie! FDC/FBC same shenzi to her.

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