Incorrect Politics

Monitor headline on Sudan president Omar Bashir’s indictment by the ICC on war crimes: “Wanted!”

Tagline below headline: “Uganda remains silent.”

My colleague Sidney: “Of course Uganda remains silent. You don’t celebrate when you see the stick that is being used on your co-wife.”



  1. Baz, lately your are getting political. I will ask the boys (read CMI) to begin watching you closely. Remmber Tsevo warning the RP boys? “We thought all they were interested in were nude women.” And to you Baz, i thought all you were interested in was Beyonce.

  2. Baz, lately your are getting political. I will ask the boys (read CMI) to begin watching you closely. Remember Tsevo warning the Red P boys after Garang’s death? “We thought all they were interested in were nude women,” he said.
    And to you Baz, i thought all you were interested in was Beyonce.

  3. It was about time! Now we wait and see if the stick will actually make some real impact and not the cosmetic results we are used to!

  4. Lol…Sidney is fast growing into his own.

    Tell’em Minty. How will they get to him? This is just western drama kings at work. They leave Mugabe there and attack Bashir who is a bit kawa these days?

    That co-wife thing is funny. Tell Sidney to have some vanilla milk shake from Nandos-Creamy inn, on me.

  5. Chanel, China should also be worried about that stick.

    Don, if you want I can send you links. Here:

    Anon and Minty and Dukesy, I guess it is time for me to find out just how effective this ICC has been in the past. Let me google that instead of googling beyonce. (Casts look at Don)

    Cheri and mamaw’omuvubuka, Sid has refused to comment on this blog.

  6. Baz nvako. Don’t corrupt me. Anyway that ICC thing is meant to scare Bashir into ‘snaking’ Ahmad Harun, the guy believed to be behind the ‘slow’ genocide in Darfur. My only question is: Isn’t that Ocampo (sounds like Acholi) being used to pursue selfish interests. had I been the prosecutor, I would have issued arrest warrants for Bush for the “fast” genocide in Iraq that began in a false premise of non-existant WMDS. I swear he deserves to be held like a dog, by the collar and led to the slaughter–oba when is Obama winning?

  7. ha! i didn’t have to click on the link. something told me it was a kanyebwa (nut placed on a trap, all ye un initiated).

    @Sid: we want to read you comment. And what’s your blog? You have one, right?

  8. Don indeed we shd mu-(that word u said) him.. Imagine I clicked the link! How could I believe Baz, yet he tells us never to believe a word he says.

  9. Minty–i only clicked to prove Cheri’s discovery and so, have a platform to advocate for Baz’s mujorotoism (hope i got it right Cheri).

  10. Killer..
    Tell Sid i need to “engage” her a lot more…
    She’s got mad skillzzz when it comes to etching out one-liners….

    Infact, from now on, please update a few more one-liners from Sid

  11. @ Baz. You will not find much on the ICC’s effectiveness in the past cos its basically dishing out all these indictments to prove the world wrong about its abilities. But we know better. Its the American tool to go after the bad boys that have refused to co-operate. Try looking up the Milosovic trial which was in every inch a mock trial like Sadam’s trial.

  12. Baz, that link! I fell for that one. I clicked. But what I saw was far from a nude beyoncy! Pure kiwani. Am in favour, let him be Mujorotod.

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