Robert hearts Mahmoud


I apologise for the very childish, prurient, obscene and tasteless post that came before this. I should be able to come up with something more mature than jokes about Mugabe getting reamed by his bodyguard, who can be seen standing behind him with a determined look.

I am ashamed of myself. What was I thinking?

That lolmugabe should have included that word “fist”. How could I have failed to include it?




  1. Firsties yo!!!, I know Darlkom has two comments before this one, but guess what? Darlkom’s socks on Baz’s blog don’t count. She is disqualified. Why?

    Imagine a situation where Baz wakes up in the morning, picks up Nicole, his laptop, and starts typing a post. When he is done, he taps Dee, who is lying next to him, on the shoulder and tells her to sit up before and goes like, “here, get your socks love.”

    So not fair.

    After that hug, Zimbabwe went on to acquire a permanent seat on the axis of evil committee.

  2. @Kakaire: I won this socks fair and square. It’s not my fault you’ve never heard of google reader. Even then your point would only be valid on a Sunday morning.

  3. Lol…hahah KKR (Kakaire).

    Leave Dee, she won the socks.

    But Dee, sunday mornings only…Stop rationing.

  4. kakaire totally stole the thunder on this one. hahaha. nicole the laptop…say kakaire, does baz go around naming his body parts too? if yes, i am very interested in what he calls his CHOGM, er, pole, er, wee wee? anyway, pray do tell. or maybe baz can answer that.

  5. hahahahahahahahahaha. I am also looking for a blogger lover. Kyoka Kakaire you are for sheez

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