Still gnashing on facebook

Still gnasing on facebook:
There is also a group dedicated to perpetuating that cutesy little nugget of elitist thought that gets me so riled up ever time I hear it. You know the one about the western media being involved in a racist conspiracy to misrepresent Africa. It is usually articulated as “they only show the negative side”, but whenever you say that I hear it as, “We, the privileged elite, resent the audacity of those who neglect our insulated bubbles of relative wealth and instead do their actual job of focussing on the bigger picture, which involves the vast endless swathes of poverty and deprivation and conflict and chaos that surround us all. It is embarrassing that they would show the world the destitution amidst which we live, for it gives the world the impression that we are from poor countries. Why can’t the western media ignore the poor people like we do? Mwee Mwee.”

Also while we are on the topic:

You have to ask yourself—you don’t, but you really should one of these days—why is it that the Anglican church can comfortably equivocate and pussyfoot and rationalise their way around working on the Sabbath, swearing, acknowledging equal rights and status of women, opposition to slavery, shaking hands with adulterous friends instead of stoning them, and breaking bread with those it calls idolaters and blasphemers, all of which are explicitly forbidden by God in the bible… which is to say the Anglican church can allow me, who does all those things, into communion with them, but they won’t extend the same “courtesy” to homosexuals. You guys have been whitewashing sins for centuries. Why stop now?

(Heh heh. I just attacked the church. I am now provocative.)


But I need Lolcats. I am not being in a good mood these days.



  1. Kale I came for these socks Charlotte! And the Anglican church does not exactly condone these things, it just accepts the doers of these sins in hopes that they will change. So I’m not sure of their stance on homosexuals but I’m sure they’re not kicking them out of the church. Just condemning what they do. Besides, you don’t hear proclaimed and proud ‘adulterers’ being anointed Bishops do you? I’m jus’ sayin’.

  2. I saw a very nice pix of Archbishop Orombi and Muhwezi (GAVI and Global fund disapearance expert) laughing heartily together. I interpreted it as the shepherd ministering to the (black) sheep.

  3. you raise a good point baz(not that this is the first time or anything). why the anglican church is well known for protesting these idiocyncracies. why stop now?

  4. Why not go one step further and attack the Anglican church in your Bad idea column? That will be sure to get you heard.Everybody reads it. 😀

    Or are you chicken? 😛

  5. For the record, though, although I do think the gays should have just started their own denomination.

    Vicky, I am not ready to be that provocative. Don’t even tell them I said it here.

  6. I don’t see any commenter called vicky, Baz which one is Vicky?

    meanwhile at almost 90,000 people, that group is quite a big one. But I have always believed that the truth is not always in numbers.

  7. I meant Princess. Wamma Princess tell him I meant you. I just typed crooked because I was confused. It is all the fault of the Western media.

    Kakaire, you see. 90,000 people who don’t watch the news.

  8. Lol…Kakaire…take your private eye things there.

    But Baz, tell us more about u and Vicky?

  9. Banange I haven’t even read the post and I see myself mentioned? I must be a celeb.

    But seriously, when I am driving around KKK (Kireka/Kamuli/kyaliwajjala) my eyes roam around looking for a familiar bespectacled lugezi gezi face…

    Now lemme read

  10. Aate nga me I see you there all the time. Maybe you don’t recognise me because I don’t wear my specs these days.

    or my lugezigezi.

  11. Sha! Baz,! Mbu you meant Princess!? Of course you meant me. I am aggrieved and aggravated.

    Minty – Muhwezi is a brown sheep with thick black hair and a smooth baby skin

  12. Nate Savage, Kyalliwajjala is home to the coolest people…ie Baz, Victo (heh hehe), P’mama, etc…speak of it after u have brushed your teeth.

  13. B2B, It may surprise you to know that I am actually an African girl. That doesn’t give anybody license to call me (cringing) *Victo*. Cheri, I mean A-NY-BO-DY.

    Orombi is crying wolf in today’s papers. Mbu gays are also murderers out for his throat, collar inclusive. For crying out loud.

  14. Where did Charlotte A go? To deserve the socks, you must comeback every day. Or hour, or even minute.

    Baz, sorry for legislating in your blog. It’s called democracy – for the people, by the people

  15. Victo, Orombi is just a drama king…

    I know right, Charlotte A must be a ghost to only show up for socks…

    This is becoming a two way btn Victo and I.

    Victo, I will rub it in!!!

  16. What I want to know is where King of drama, Archbishop Sentamu is hiding. I suspect he’s afraid of offending either side. Conundrum type of thing.

  17. hey, they have been there and know what its like. all priests are gay. there married to the church and Jesus is the church. so…..

  18. Facebook is a cult. It is a branch of the empire of the AntiChrist.

    Baz, you honestly think by attacking the church you will be provocative? Boy, you are centuries behind. You attack Bbale Francis’ reading style, UTAKE music, Juliana Kanyomozi or lugabile; then, you will be provocative.

  19. oh get off the high horse Baz, what happened to “accentuate the positive”…just because everyone around you is poor, you cannot celebrate small victories? Come on

  20. IS BAZ OK? Someone run to Kyalliwajjala and check on him for me. And if he’s ok, please ask him to post…

    Even if it’s about Beyonce…Or Tsvi’s daughter. Or even Angela Angwenyi.

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