Still gnasing on facebook:
There is also a group dedicated to perpetuating that cutesy little nugget of elitist thought that gets me so riled up ever time I hear it. You know the one about the western media being involved in a racist conspiracy to misrepresent Africa. It is usually articulated as “they only show the negative side”, but whenever you say that I hear it as, “We, the privileged elite, resent the audacity of those who neglect our insulated bubbles of relative wealth and instead do their actual job of focussing on the bigger picture, which involves the vast endless swathes of poverty and deprivation and conflict and chaos that surround us all. It is embarrassing that they would show the world the destitution amidst which we live, for it gives the world the impression that we are from poor countries. Why can’t the western media ignore the poor people like we do? Mwee Mwee.”

Also while we are on the topic:

You have to ask yourself—you don’t, but you really should one of these days—why is it that the Anglican church can comfortably equivocate and pussyfoot and rationalise their way around working on the Sabbath, swearing, acknowledging equal rights and status of women, opposition to slavery, shaking hands with adulterous friends instead of stoning them, and breaking bread with those it calls idolaters and blasphemers, all of which are explicitly forbidden by God in the bible… which is to say the Anglican church can allow me, who does all those things, into communion with them, but they won’t extend the same “courtesy” to homosexuals. You guys have been whitewashing sins for centuries. Why stop now?

(Heh heh. I just attacked the church. I am now provocative.)


But I need Lolcats. I am not being in a good mood these days.