I visited facebook the other day, because it is the social networking site where all the cool kids go to play and, while there I discovered a group dedicated to a leading radio station. Sanyu FM is the station I am speaking about, by the way. Do not be misled. 


I think it is my duty as an Internet dancer to inform the webizens about this so that you can know where to go to beef or show love. They have discussion forums and no, I refuse to use the word “fora”. I will not say “stadia” either. Not until you put a gun to my head.

I did not even bother to search for Capital. I don’t have that much time on my hands.



  1. Back 2 Basics to Basics-No-More, you too need to join Baz for that drink

    How much did ‘the rotund radio man’ pay you for the kalango?

  2. Cheri looked into the mirror this morning and asked her beautiful self: ‘and who will you be today my dear, Cheri the lady or Chantal the whore??????’

  3. ~Double Damn…Pinky…Let’s take this outside…it’s only Detamble whi has the license to call me a whore. Lol

    To the rest of u, I’ma LADY.

    Lemme take my Krug Baummen off for this fight.

    And Vicky, I’m not her… My name is Shaniqua.

  4. Naye I’m back Pinky…it’s vice versa…Chantal the Lady. Her alter ego Cheri is the whore!

  5. Sanyu used to rock. In the days of Seanice (she was beautiful enough to work on radio) and Bangi (RIP) Sanyu was HOT. These days it’s lukewarm at best.

  6. Sanyu FM…When my sis and I were in college, she’s the only one that liked it and the rest of us at home would complain of the ka irritating ‘ti…ti’ noise behind all the music that it would play. Coudn’t stand it.

  7. The same way I failed to like Celtel after the super profits it made when it first came is the same way I have failed to like Sanyu FM no matter how much it changes.

  8. @ lady whore….tsk tsk sorry i meant lady Cheri….sorry miss Cheri….whatever, lets just take this outside, my bling is off, and now, it is just you and me baibie…

  9. Peace and Mudamuli, are you one and the same? Old question I know, but it just seems like you’re in each other’s shadow

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