And… update.

Previously on Let’s Get Bizzle.

A crack team of dedicated bloggers, blog readers and other professional superheroes committed themselves to the noble cause of launching a cunning attack on the fake accent of one Rebecca “Lady Bizzle” Namitala, a heinously irritating radio deejay who myamyamyas on Hot 100 FM, (100.9) from five pm today.

Recon work provided the phone number to call, which is 0902 900 601.

More recon work provided this sample of how bad she is.

(It’s a one-MB MP3 file)

I regret to say at this point that the heroic Ivan-Man, Master of The Shaolin Keyboard will not be joining us today. He has malaria again. (I keep telling him to get a net.) With our best wishes he will be back in time.

Antipop (or Lady Deathstrike) has chickened out, too.

But hearts of valour, steel yourselves. Onward into battle. This is Spartaaaa! (And other words said before fights etc)