Oba how is Code? Is he still deceiving women?

killa code

 Look at those sleazy porny eyes of his. That is the face of an illegitimate child factory. That is a man who believes he was put here to make your underage daughter repeatedly pregnant.

That is why I believe Moli when she says they didn’t have sex. If they did have sex, wouldn’t she be nursing his reptilian offspring as we speak?

Where is Moli, anyway? I miss her. I do. I, as the media, was heavily invested in the hope of a future of white-hot superstardom for her.

I live off celebrity puff-pieces so the more celebrities, the better. The Hype Machine a.k.a. Showbiz Media a.k.a. Consensus of Lies is a vampire, and it wanted to feed off Moli corpuscles.

Ah, the headlines we missed out on. How I would have loved to spray these: “Moli to Release Alt-Rock Album”, “Moli Launches Emo Fashion Line For Fat People”, “Moli To Star As Crazy Drug Addict Bitch in Nollywood Flick” and “Moli To Stand for Kawempe South Seat. On FDC Ticket, Naturally” across your newspapers.

Well, she did make Time Magazine. Take your nugu and choke on it!

Morgan Tsvi is absolutely NOT the biggest coward in Africa, in unrelated news. The fact is Zimbabwe needs a superhuman hero to save her: a titan. For who can take on a super-villain but a superhero? And who can blame a chap for not being that superhero? How can you hold it against a man that he is just an ordinary mortal after all? That is not the point right now. We rant about Mugabe on other people’s blogs (Like Carlo  and “27th Apologist). This is what I wanted you to see.

This is Rubi Tsvi. She could have been the Zim Kaine. First daughter. Adjust your opinion on the issue now.