The Argument Was Wilful, The Alternatives Untrue

News this week:

Doctors call for legalisation of abortion, reports the New Vision.

MDs in Gulu have asked parliament to permit them to carry out safe abortions on girls who become pregnant after being raped by members of the LRA.

Here is the link.


The title of this post is from London Rain by Louis MacNeice



  1. Isnt it suprising that men argue against abortion when they know zilch about pregancncy, labour pains and single motherhood? Let the women debate the and the men shut up

  2. Chanel, I might have to disagree with u on this one…men have every right to their opinion inthe abortion issue, after all, they are the bakers. Inn’it?

    But being raped by rebels and them finding out u’re pregnant…that throws me in a pickle. Hard paper.

  3. Is every adolescent pregnancy in Gulu the result of LRA rape? These guys need to be honest with themselves. If they want abortion legalised they should stop using the LRA as a justification. It should be legal or illegal for all

  4. I guess the LRA is a bargaining chip. Tha School Principal (read Nsaba Buturo) is more likely to get off his moral high horse if the rape of little girls by the LRA is thrown into his face than if he coonfronted with the argument for a woman’s right to do what she wants with her body.

  5. Actually abortion is legal in Uganda. The law says termination of pregnancy is allowed only to protect the life of the mother. It can be argued that the pregnancy put the mother in bad health and jeopardised her life. Given that the WHO definition of health is “…physical, psychological, mental, social wellbeing…”, there is no need for additional legislation to legalise abortion.

  6. castrating the rapist sounds perfect i totally agree. but what if it’s not rape n the baker wants to be a father yet the woman doesn’t want to keep it, then what?should she have her way? not fair.
    if it’s rape, then sure but not otherwise.

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