Jenny Hudson

Here is some great news for music lovers. No, not the gruesome death of Sean “Fucking” Kingston by a severe and protracted mauling delivered by a voracious pack of rabid wolves, better than that.

Jennifer Hudson’s album has a release date.

What about!!! Three exclamation marks!

I’m listening to streams off myspace.com/jenniferhudson. They put some music up to promote the first single off the Jenny (yeah. We are that tight. Jenny it is) album.

It is  called Spotlight, and is mellow-ish mid-tempo and not too beat-y, so it will get the undiscerning groundlings to nod their little empty heads while not overshadowing her actual vocals, which are, ultimately, the point of a Jenny Hudson performance.

The other joints her myspace showcases are ballads. And this is as it should be.
Stand Up puts that powerful thoat (in African American they don’t pronounce it “throat”. They say “Thoat”. At least according to this dude on Def Comedy Jam. They also say fitty instead of fifty and hunnid instead of hundred, hurr instead of hair, and aks instead of ask. Etc.) to appropriately soulful use. I tell you, you can switch straight from Aretha and Gladys Knight to this song without even feeling the seam as you transition.

I was actually thinking of Gidda (Gladys Knight and I are also tight) when we moved to the third song on the myspace playlist. Neither One Of Us. Yes the cover. If this is the sort of thing she was doing during her shot on American Idols, I wish they had told me. I could have got a telesaver card and voted. Many many times.

Speaking of which. What the fuck is going on? Cynthia is still in Idols?

We are on another song now. Starts with some dude talking. I could google and find out who he is, but I don’t want to spoil my stream. Sounds like Usher. But I hope it isn’t him, because I stopped liking Usher after he dissed Chilli. And that song of his, I Want To Have Sex In This Club, is just profane.

Heh heh. She said “I cayin’t” instead of I Cant. This African American English is very amusing.

Okay. I couldn’t take the suspense and googled after the song buffered sufficiently. Only to realise, to my utter shock and dismay that it was Ne-Yo.
And that this song is actually on his album.

Which sucks because I had been having so much fun hating on Ne-Yo.
OOOOOOooooooOOooOoOOOOOothesoundsofsuddenonsetofparoxysmsofJOY!!! Because the next song is And I’m Telling You.

This song makes me want to crawl under me desk and curl up and weep until a puddle so large develops on the floor that it causes the wiring to short circuit.

In other words, it is just one of the best vocal performances I have heard since Whitney went and got high. My goodness this reduces me to such tears. I am a quivering mass of gooseflesh now. Oh. My.

Okay. If you are in America where they say Thoat and Cayint, please call your local radio station and request Spotlight. We must make this a hit and ensure that the album does drop in September as opposed to it being put on Katebe.

And if you are in the real world (eg Uganda) please find someone you know who lives in America and tell them to call and request it.

And then when it drops I will buy a copy (this is too good to bootleg) and lend you some.