A sustained rise in fuel and food prices has pushed the national inflation rate to eleven point six this year which, while not an emergency in real fiscal terms, nevertheless warrants some concern. It seems Suruma’s budget has made addressing inflation a priority, from my analysis.

For example, unlike the previous budget, (2007) which was evidently aimed at inspiring consumer spending, with the view of increasing internal commercial activity through various fiscal as well as non-fiscal incentives aimed not only at foreign investors but at local small-scale businesses as well, this 2008 budget is going in the opposite direction. For example, by acting on interest rates, it looks like Suruma is trying to encourage an increase in aggregate savings. In an effort to offset inflationary pressures by withdrawing money from circulation, perhaps?

If successful, this will protect the economic gains of the  past few years, while simultaneously consolidating the future, so the only question we need to ask ourselves at here is, at exactly what point did you realise that I was bullshitting through this post?

Who did I think I was fooling.

Anyway, here is what I was really going to blog: Some of you, those with nice jobs that entail computer usage (or nice schools. Or nice homes. Or just nice cafes in the neighbourhood. Whichever) may have come across the Internet legend that has come to be known as Ken Lee.

If you had not met Ken Lee, meet Ken Lee now, by clicking the word below.

Har har! It is a hilarious rendition of a Mariah Carey song by an auditioner in the Bulgarian version of Idols! How hilarious was this song by one Natalia Hassan according to Wikipedia!

You would think that nothing worse could possibly be done to the song after that, but you would, of course be wrong. Christine’s link, please step forward.

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