Adversus incendia excubias nocturnas vigilesque commentus est.

The papist hordes have descended upon us. The price of rolex has hit seven hundred, boda bodas have doubled their fare and there is nary a tonto calabash to be found. We expect peace to return in a day’s time, when the crowd dissipates, leavening behind, as they do every year, a malodorant mist and a sea of empty condom packets but in the meantime, it is only fitting that we commemorate this occasion with a youtube clip of Eddie Murphy wondering what would happen If Mr T was gay .


Also in the news this week:

The Times would like to know what you think of this vomitacious thing.

Which, as it turns out, is a painting by Picasso. Wikipedia says Picasso was an “artist”. This is proof that Wikipedia is not that reliable. The fact that it calls him an artist and not “an unscrupulous conman who made money by selling monst– eugh! That thing is so freakishly obscenely ugly it has fractured my vocabulary. I am out of words.

Hold on.

stupid woman




  1. It has fractured your vocabulary??? LOL. Gwe, how many funny bones do u have? We are all allowed just one…

    In other news, it’s a wonder how promiscuous those pilgrims can be…they come to praise and pray to God but leave all those condom packets in their wake… I know, I live in Kyalix and I hate this timeof the year.

    In other other news, I’ve never seen any piece of artwork and thought to myself..”BRIL”. Neyvah eyvah. That link don’t work…the one to the Times question.

    Maybe only Banksy, but he’s not an artist (Are grafiti sprayers artists?).

    Baz, Bruce Springsteen is in town and I know someone who knows someone who may give me a pass to his not VIP show. While I know nothing about the man or his music…I now that i “dig” him. I will get the pass and laminate it for u (if this dude don’t sell out and go with some other person!)

  2. You are such a Philistine, Mr. Bazanye.

    Picasso operated on a plane a little higher than the average human intelligence. I can’t believe you pooh-poohed him. Don’t you know “nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementiae fuit”?

  3. i am artist, that…aberration…at times as an artist you miss, at times you are inspired to a work of inspired brilliance. why worship such…damn its so hard to find words to describe that shit…just because he may have had a few good pieces of art?

  4. That Picasso was about crying, which is a sad, even ugly, thing.
    But, frankly, I liked the earlier ones of his better than the latter ones. Of the cubist shit and the like, Guernica is nearly the only one that survives me.

  5. I am not saying it isn’t a complex and meaningful picture. It may be those things, but it is also undeniably butt-ugly and is making me cry.

  6. Is that really a picasso? Where is the breast? I thought all his paintings had breasts in awkward places. To be fair to him, no body crying looks beautiful. Each time you contemplate bursting into tears, think about how your mouth will look, and think again

    As for the pilgrims, we are reeling. Even the body odour still lingers

  7. Tsk tsk tsk. People actually LIKE that thing? I’m so spooked I can’t imagine it hanging in any part of my house.

  8. 31337, I thought you were an IT guy. Can IT people be artists too? What other talents are you hiding?

  9. victoria, you. again? i am gifted, what can i say? talents i am hiding? 😀 i would say, come very slightly closer and i shall…ahem….demonstrate.

  10. …comes closer, listens, inspects and turns her back in underwhemed disbelief… 31337 should stick to IT!

  11. victoria,for fear of being tossed out of here on my rear end…shall we take this discussion….outsi…….no…to MY blog?

  12. Victoria and My beau 31337, get a room. And One with a window so I can monitor u and ensure none of u crosses the line!

    31337, I wont cook dinner tonight. Let Victoria do that for u.

  13. I know this is misplaced amidst Picasso, Mona Lisa, Da vinci etc…the guy who talked about Hillary not preparing dinner had a point–

  14. Eh, and here I was thinking that Bill Clinton was meant to mean 31337 and Hillary C, Cheri because she said she won’t cook dinner. Kale, I am so dense.

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