The office is silent, because it is Friday afternoon and, more importantly, that annoying radio speaker is either malfunctioning or someone did something to it but isn’t saying. The silence is suddenly broken by High Strung Writer.

High Strung Writer: Stupidbastardidiotfoolnonsense!!!!

New Administrative Assistant taken aback. She huddles close to Nearest Other Staff Member.

NAA: What on earth?
NOSM: His computer has probably frozen again.
NAA: Such a violent outburst! Is he okay?
HSW: Bastardassidiotshitassholefuckwad sonofadonkeybloodyfuckshithole syphillipticcrushedtesticlemonstershitbastard!!!!!!!

NOSM: Naye even you, instead of cussing out like that, why don’t you call the IT department?
HSW: I just did. Who do you think I was referring to just now?