And now for something completely different– addressing the issues of the day.

When addressing issues with a view to finding workable solutions to nagging problems, we need to bring forth those who have a stake in the welfare of the communities for open dialogue, because as the great Aristotle said, “An issue discussed is an issue discussed.”

One of the leading causes of social unrest in Uganda today is neighbours with loud radios. Loud radios which they play when we are trying to sleep, or to rest, or to read or to be intimate with our spouses.  I am sure most of you out there know what I am talking about: you are in your room with your wife or some similar woman, being romantic, then the mood is suddenly shattered by the sounds of rap music blasting through the walls.

Anyway, in the studio this evening, to help us understand the issue better, we are pleased to welcome The Neighbour With The Loudest Radio in Uganda to the studio. Welcome.

NWLRIU: Thank you. First of all, I would like to say, good evening to all the listeners out there. Those who are listening to me at my home, and those who are in the surrounding buildings who can hear by virtue of the volume of my radio…

Host: Let us get right into it, Disco. The first question, the question that is on everybody’s mind right now. Are you deaf?

Disco: Thank you for that question. I am glad you asked that because it gives me the opportunity to address a very common misconception about us. A lot of people think that the reason we play our music with the volume up to maximum even late in the night or early in the morning is because we have hearing damage and are unable to hear the music if it is played at a normal volume. Many people think this. However, I assure you that it is not true. I am not deaf. Yet.  I may become deaf in the future from prolonged exposure to loud music, but as of now my hearing is quite normal. The reason for the loud volume is not being deaf. It is being local. We are local. That is why we play music at full blast.