We interrupt our regular programming…

The miles we have come and the battles won and lost
Are just so many roads traveled, so many rivers crossed
And I ask God for the strength and faith in one another
‘Cause its a good night for a ride,
cross this river to the other side
My Blood Brother.


Be back next week, hopefully with the sexy Diedre. Who is the sexy Diedre? Tune in to find out.

 Update Monday April 21:
…wondering how come I could blogg about Phantom Federici but couldn’t muster the words to blog about Buddo.

Maybe it is easier to look at the passing of a rock star at 58. He didn’t die easily, but he left a life we can celebrate. He played with Springsteen! It is easier to say goodnight sweet prince, may choirs of angels sing you “Promised Land” to your rest.

But Buddo? Ah.

And this tragedy isn’t even over yet. It is still going on. Every day the papers produce another detail that colours it more vivid.

20 kids.

Some things are easier to say than others.



Diedre is coming soon. Don’t hate, techies, don’t hate.



  1. On an unrelated topic (ok, not unrelated) I saw RS Elvis’ wedding pics on the internet, and I wanna ask…who advised him on a ghetto wedding…???

    Ok, his wife is called Diedre…and that is what prompted the qn.

    Hi Baz.

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