Never to be seen

I am really sorry I haven’t been around for so many days. I was the victim of a vile and tenacious bit of malaria— one that took two rounds of treatment and six days to dispatch. I am well, now, no need to worry any more.

There is precious little for an invalid to do for entertainment, especially not in my new hood, Kyaliwajjala. As someone may have mentioned before, the area isn’t exactly a Soho. It’s not even Coney Island. If I have got the refereces correct. If I haven’t it’s not because I care.

I won’t say anything about all those people who didn’t come to see me yet they live like, just emanga.

Hey, by the way, if by any chance fujitsu passes by here, could you get in touch with me? Please. I might be there with a business proposal operation that would be of mutual benefit all three parties in the short run, interim and more. Hit me up on

I spent a lot of time watching TV, while I was  in bed. I kept seeing Europeans dressed as Tibetian monks holding up placards. Their demonstrations followed the Olympic torch around the world.

Oh, and Vanilla Ice was arrested last week!

The demonstrations called for a boycott of the Olympics, which, this year, are meant to be held in China, a country with an appalling human rights record. The demonstrators were particularly irked over the issue of Tibet, where the communist government of China runs what has been characterized as an “apartheid” operation.

My friends are in South Africa graduating. University, Carlo? I thought you were in Molly and Paul. But seriously, congratulations, kid. Here is a gift for you. (And the other one is for Peter.)

I remember studying this stuff long ago, World History in A’ Level, and being struck by how profoundly monstrous the leaders of the People’s Republic were. Why did I get to thinking that things had changed? Apparently market reforms have not been met by political reforms and the party is as evil as it was under Mao. Who was an insatiable asshole, by the way.

Vanilla Ice was arrested, munange. Yeah. For domestic battery. He pushed his wife to the floor and so the cops came through and Akonned him.

In a bid to consolidate control over Tibet, which is supposed to be an autonomous region of China, the government flooded the region with members of the Han ethnic group, and systematically gives preferential treatment in terms of education, employment and welfare to Han Chinese, leaving ethnic Tibetans as second-class citizens in their own land.

I know what you are thinking: A woman somewhere actually married Vanilla Ice??



  1. I’m sorry, Baz, but I have to repeat it here:

    “Vanilla Ice was arrested last week? Wasn’t he arrested for that ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ mess?”

    Heh heh.

    And that, my friends, is a sockies, firsties, etc.

  2. Well be back.

    and don’t say anything about the people who did not visit you – they know who they are.

  3. Aha…kasita me I visited… Baz knows how!!


    Lol…the woman akshully went ahead and had Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice babies…

  4. Vanilla ice is a movie star. He starred in Cool as Ice. And he is a Rockstar too someone is bound to marry him.

    I came to visit you in Kyaliwajjala and I got lost. Was turning too many corners. I got dizzy. But I am glad you are fine.

  5. Gift to Carlo. 😀 “Molly and Paul”. You get me in stitches, I start to prefer malaria.

    Now, on to defending the Red.
    Yeah, the one face of Mao we see is the only face of Mao there is. Hehehe. Trust the enemy to give a fair report, eh?
    This Tibet thing is a fucking fad. The olympics were held in the USA when they still have worse unfairnesses than quashing secession.

    Fuck. I wish I was as cool as the Dalai Lama. I’d have Westerners support my unconstitutionalism without thinking. Oh, and since it is the stinky Maoists on the other end, they gotta be wrong.
    (In other words, if the Nation of Islam guys hired the Dala Lama for a week, Ray Charles’ Georgia would manage to become as dignified as it should be – a National Anthem!)

  6. @27th-C
    on the MollyPaul drama, major!

    his ice-ice babies
    More chuckles

    technically, that isn’t visting

    and Baz,
    they know who they are,

  7. KC, you should have linked also you.

    Thank you, Princesss. Hey, don’t you live around Kado Pado in Kireka? Never to even take a short taxi trip to bring a brother some butunda.

    Magwinchu, you I forgive you.

    Lol, at Ice Ice babies. But thanks for visiting Cheri.

    Savage, I live in the Kyaliwajjala of Uganda, not the one in Minneapolis.

    Lil Bow Wow (Yes, 27th, I’m back to calling you rap names), I don’t really get your point.

    Joshi, did you just call me Paddy Bit—(chokes)

    Dukesey, they must have bit me while I was at home missing 12 Angry Men. The person who was supposed to take me had a curfew. Imagine.

    B2B, you know who you are ela.

  8. His point is that those are lies about The Great Peoples Republic of China. The monks are terrorists and the Tibet people are all treated equally because in a communist country everyone is equal. The media is lying there is no apartheid in china or human rights!!!

  9. @Baz: There hadn’t been a big attempt at being coherent. There never is. Lemme try again.

    We only hear one thing about Mao: that he was an insatiable asshole. Why do we just believe this stuff, knowing it is from people who hate(d) him?
    Of course Mao had a good side. Bigger than his bad side.

    Tibet – supporting Tibet and so on, to be precise – is just a fad. Because everyone wants to support the Dalai Lama’s country. It’s the new cool, being the Dalai Lama’s groupie. (Especially when it affords the chance to, at the same time, act concerned about democracy and stuff.)

    They wanna boycott the Olympics because of how China treats Tibet? They are acting on subtle misinformation and disinformation. Even worse, the Olympics have been held in more-repressive places and times. Like in the United States.

    All the Chinese are doing is quashing secession in Tibet – nothing I’d not do. 🙂 The ‘Mericans and how they kept arresting them Weathermen and Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam guys, that’s the same thing here. (Only it’s more-justified, in this case.)

    Fuck. I wish I was as cool as the Dalai Lama. I¿d have Westerners support my unconstitutionalism without thinking. Oh, and since it is the stinky Maoists on the other end, they gotta be wrong.
    (In other words, if the Nation of Islam guys hired the Dala Lama for a week, Ray Charles¿ Georgia would manage to become as dignified as it should be – a National Anthem!)

    Failed again. 😐

  10. The Chinese are really mistreating the Tibetans…that’s all I see in the news…that’s all I need to see to believe that China has the almost-(worst) human rights stats according to those people that make them. And that’s all that written in our minds when we see the olympic torch making it’s rounds…

    The angry riots in London and Paris that followed the olympic torch were just testimony that the world is fed up of what China is doing to the Monks in Tibet.

    There wer calls for England to boycott the olympics or for Gordon Brown to boycott the opening/closing ceremony, but this is almost impossible as the English are hosting the 2012 games and would like to set a good example. I also think boycotting would be a silly idea seeing as they are the games that (attempt to) unite the world. And I’d not wanna miss the chance to win a medal at the greatest showcase sports tourney/etc.

    Read about a certain Hu Jai, a journalist, in china who was arrested for allegedly spreading propaganda or slandering China’s name in the face of the world as the attention is all on the coming olympics…the man was jailed after a guilty verdict was reached after on 13 minutes. This is aman, who had been previously on house arrest along with his very pregnant wife. He was closed up 2 weeks after the wife had the baby…and she still remains under house arrest…all for reporting on the state of affairs between Tibet and China.

    Rev, I don’t understand this “support”/love u have for “Chairman MAO.

    Now when u guys bring in all these things of Maoists and black panthers, I get lost.

    But I shdn’t be, this happens in my country as we shouldn’t all act to serious and treat this as a lone case. It’s happening right under yo nose people.

    I don’t think I’ve made any sence…but Baz, please find it in u to forgive me for making yo comments all soggy. I will never rain here again like this.

  11. Baz, Ko people blogging in your blog???? you should charge them rental fees!
    Kati, were you really sick or just enjoying your holiday in Kyalix?
    Anyway, we missed you and i will personally box the next mosquito that dares come close to you…….even if its human……….

  12. Xena, I appreciate the reason Cheri would make a long comment. This is an issue that touches Ugandans. I mean, during Amin’s days, for example, we also so suffered here while the rest of the world smiled and dined with the regime that was opressing us.

  13. But why are they demonstrating agains human rights violations in Tibet when they are human rights violations everywhere as 27thComrad says? Even in America they are human rights violations! So they should stop demonstrating against human rights violations!!

  14. @Cheri: Well, it’s interesting that we all react thus to the info we get
    about China. It is even good.
    I wish we got info about those giving us info. You see, the world sucks.
    And I hate the pretentious pharisees that are the West. We riot against
    the evil Red monster? Let’s riot against the Union Jack, as well. It’s
    caused more bloodshed than the Maoists ever will. Who’s with me?

    See? That’s the problem. That’s what’s angering. It’s not as much
    support for Chairman Mao as it is anti-support for pharisees.

    @Baz: Amin is one reason we should boycott all things British and
    American. 🙂
    Don’t spring a page on me. *shivers*

  15. Baz, sorry if i hit a raw nerve but seriously, there are so many tregedies going on around the world and all of a sudden the west pretends that they care about Tibet???
    How about Apartheid in SA? the Rwanda genocide? More recently Darfur? Zimbabwe?
    Anyway, let me not make noise about some of these things when i should be looking for someone to lynch over the death of those little girls who were incenerated in the Budo Junior fire.
    If anyone feels like fighting for a cause closer to home, i’ll be part of it.

  16. @ Xena, no raw nerves hit at all, I assure you. I took your comment in the spirit of someone just making an honest opinion in a forum of friends. I am sure you meant no offence and no offence was taken. We are just friends talking.

    That said, the culture of demonstrations is not new. There were certainly many demonstrations in the west against South African apartheid. I saw plenty of them on TV when I was a kid. That’s actually how I first got to know about apartheid.

    And I’m sure you heard about the marches and vigils held across the US to urge the Bush government to commit action on the then-ongoing LRA war. I recall students in various universities in the US and Europe marched from campus to spend the night outside civil government headquarters to symbolise the the night commutes of their fellow schoolchildren in Northern Uganda.

    As for Darfur, people in the west still demonstrate regularly to pressure their governments to do more.

    Interestingly, one of the grieviances some of the torch-chasing demonstrators have with China is its conduct regarding the Darfur Crisis. They see China as complicit in the genocide because, in their view, it is basically propping up the Sudan government and neglecting to use its influence to help demand more action to end the crisis. Here is a Washington Post article on the subject:


    You have a right, and a reason to be suspicious of western governments, and to be miffed at the way they respond to African problems,
    but as for those wild hippies and those bright-eyed liberal arts undergrads and their demonstrations, you can be cynical about what, if any, impact their actions will have, but, hey, at least they give a damn.

    That may not be much, but it’s better than nothing.

  17. this is bloody bigger than the post. the people in tibet are being treated like those in the rest of china, htey just don’t know cause, well the country’s bloody big

  18. Eh! Banange! Oba what is it that the 27th goes on and on about? I hear you on Ray Charles’ Georgia

    Sorry Baz, would have visited but I was in outside countries as you were shivering under your potholed bednet. Glad to see you back (tight warm hug)

  19. @Rubsflow, everything is bigger than a blog post. Blog posts are pretty small.

    @ Victoria. I accept your apology and forgive you without reservation. >:-)<

    That is a hugging emoticon.

  20. Bashing USA seems to be the in thing; but let’s not forget that the American people (the citizens) have been in the fore front championing human rights. If people came together regardless of their citizenship and fought for the rights of the oppressed, the world would be a better place.

    In fact some are already doing that. Therefore, to all you American bashers remember the great Americans below:

    George Cloney
    Oprah Winfrey
    The NBA players who collectively came together to help build a hospital in Congo
    Bill Clinton

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