I am really sorry I haven’t been around for so many days. I was the victim of a vile and tenacious bit of malaria— one that took two rounds of treatment and six days to dispatch. I am well, now, no need to worry any more.

There is precious little for an invalid to do for entertainment, especially not in my new hood, Kyaliwajjala. As someone may have mentioned before, the area isn’t exactly a Soho. It’s not even Coney Island. If I have got the refereces correct. If I haven’t it’s not because I care.

I won’t say anything about all those people who didn’t come to see me yet they live like, just emanga.

Hey, by the way, if by any chance fujitsu passes by here, could you get in touch with me? Please. I might be there with a business proposal operation that would be of mutual benefit all three parties in the short run, interim and more. Hit me up on ebazanye@newvision.co.ug

I spent a lot of time watching TV, while I was  in bed. I kept seeing Europeans dressed as Tibetian monks holding up placards. Their demonstrations followed the Olympic torch around the world.

Oh, and Vanilla Ice was arrested last week!

The demonstrations called for a boycott of the Olympics, which, this year, are meant to be held in China, a country with an appalling human rights record. The demonstrators were particularly irked over the issue of Tibet, where the communist government of China runs what has been characterized as an “apartheid” operation.

My friends are in South Africa graduating. University, Carlo? I thought you were in Molly and Paul. But seriously, congratulations, kid. Here is a gift for you. (And the other one is for Peter.)

I remember studying this stuff long ago, World History in A’ Level, and being struck by how profoundly monstrous the leaders of the People’s Republic were. Why did I get to thinking that things had changed? Apparently market reforms have not been met by political reforms and the party is as evil as it was under Mao. Who was an insatiable asshole, by the way.

Vanilla Ice was arrested, munange. Yeah. For domestic battery. He pushed his wife to the floor and so the cops came through and Akonned him.

In a bid to consolidate control over Tibet, which is supposed to be an autonomous region of China, the government flooded the region with members of the Han ethnic group, and systematically gives preferential treatment in terms of education, employment and welfare to Han Chinese, leaving ethnic Tibetans as second-class citizens in their own land.

I know what you are thinking: A woman somewhere actually married Vanilla Ice??