Grammy award winning child molester R. Kelly appeared in court this morning to continue his child pornography case. The singer, whose body of work includes him pissing on 14-year-old girls and filming it for the internet, has been forced to heed the call of justice and explain “You bastard, how do you pee on little girls!?”

will you let this man pee on your teenage daughter 

Will Justice send him straight to Teabag? We don’t know for sure. However, this is the 113th court appearance in this six-year-old case, so chances look slim that the judge will say the man should be sent straight to the gallows post-haste.

That is why we have to take matters into our own hands.

I think may have I have told you about Little Sunshine and Baby Rainbow?





Well, that was then. Things have changed. After years of intensive training, as gruelling, painful and torturous for me as it was for them, LR=Lethal Rain and BS=Black Strike, are a pair of Mighty Deathcats, ready to be unleashed upon the world to dispense their ruthless vigilante justice and crush evil wherever it rears its ugly head.

We are going to place ourselves at strategic places outside the courthouse because we keep seeing him going in, but we are tired of seeing him come out again.
Billy Madison just bumped The Underclassman off the top of the list of worst movies ever existent. In the middle of the film I was sending smses to Hollywood. “Hi Adam. Itz Baz frm Ug. Plz start being funi soon. Th movi iz almst ovr.”

 But Juno was excellent. Watch Juno.