Fight for the phone

Hot Office Chick and Old Pro descend upon the telephone. Their hands grab it at the same time.

HOC: I was here first.
Pro: Well, I need it more.
HOC: Dude, I have to call Juliana to confirm our appointment. If I don’t confirm, she might postpone again. I’ve been chasing her for weeks.
Pro: Well, I have to call Beti Kamya. Let go of the phone. My call is more important.
HOC: More important? Shyaaa!
Pro: What do you mean shyaa? Beti Kamya is…
HOC: Beti Kamya is a shameless, pandering, wannabe demagogue whose stock in trade is bullshit. Which is more important? You going over to record the unflinching lies of a serial propagandist so that you can convey them as legitimate political discourse, thus perpetuating the myth that Uganda actually has a political opposition, when in fact all we have is a band of fury-fuelled rabble-rousers who only claim to fight for the people when in fact they are just using the people as weapons as they pursue their own vendettas and their own ambitions– you think that is more important? Puh-leese. At least Juliana impacts positively on people’s lives. At least she makes people happy..
Pro: (Reeling from the onslaught.) Okay. You have the phone. Kyokka you movementists…
HOC: Wait, where do you think you’re going? I’m not through yet. This so-called “Forum” in the first place…

 (meanwhile, the Interns had walked in walked in during the “argument”.)

Intern I: Who iz Betty Kamya?
Intern II: Beti. She spells it with a single t and an i.
Intern I: I dnt kno hr. Wat song doez she sing?

key. the symbol of FDC