The launch of African Woman magazine and then, a few links-o-matic thurrogits.

check out that caboose 1

check out caboose 2

check out caboose 3

check out caboose4

And in other news:

I realize the Red Pepper is not one of those things (okay, fine. Call it a newspaper, but its your reputation on the line) you take seriously, but its not fair when they stop trying. It’s like the village idiot decided to go around handing out business cards introducing himself and confirming what we always knew. -(

I even did the afterlaugh with that guesture where you clap your hands by slicing them over each other and saying, “Oooowaye.”

Between that and Monty Python, they have had me bursting out in abrupt and completely random sniggering bouts all week.

What is a Monty Python?

Conjuring Today is a very very very short sketch. Michael Palin stands on a stage in a cape, the front of his tuxedo covered in blood. He is holding a saw. It is evident that he is one of those magicians.

For some reason he is wearing a pair of google-eye spectacles.

He says, “Last week, we learnt how to saw a woman in half. This week, we learn how to saw her into three pieces and dispose of the body… Aaargh!”

And he is chased off the stage by policemen. 

If I never mentioned it before, the New Vision has very third world Internet, so I am not even sure if this youtube link will take you there…

Meanwhile: Princess (Formerly known as Teti)  found a modernised Computer-age version of Poe’s The Raven. Because of the aforementioned Third World Internet Status, I cannot comment on, but I deeply suspect, Princess, if you by any chance perhaps are as if dropping by here and reading this, that you are the one who had that link to Stephen Fry’s blog. Are you?

Xena didn’t update with her usual Apprentice recap this week. Sadness ensued.

I was going to put a sound clip of Sexual Harrasment Panda (for the benefit of those unacquainted with SHP, he is a panda that says, repeatedly, the words, “and that makes me a saa-a-ad Pan-da.”) but then I thought, if you have not laughed at the Monty Python clip, then let me not push it by putting up even more genre humour. This week is for me to laugh alone, I think.

It is evidently time to call it. So, one more badoinkadoink picture:

no need caboose

…And let’s shrink it. It’s a wrap.



  1. Bazzz, Me, I want that last Badoinkadoink
    Next time Iam asking.. I will ask her for a badoinkadoink… Badoinkadoink… who came up with that, where did you get that inspiration for badoinkadoink

  2. Monty Python is gooood. I’m glad you didn’t linkage to the Sexual Harassment Panda. I don’t think I could cope seeing that again!

    Peace out.


  3. Eh, the last badoinkadoink (ouch, that’s blood on my tongue) even I can’t see anything else but…

    Now, the second pic, gal had a forest in yonder crux between humerus and ribcage!!

  4. Check out the expressions on the Zungu’s faces as they check out the budoinkadoinks. Or badoinkadonkeys. What’ the plural anyway?

  5. Minty (slip of the finger almost made you Monty)…that’s a forest reserve. She is earning carbon credits

  6. MAybe Walkonby shouldjust do that..

    Badoinkadoinkadonk is Missy Elliot’s Term for Booty… aka Backside..aka Butt… aka a**

    Player, where dyu be?

  7. @b2b, now you have spoilt innocent kaWalkonby.

    @ Minty and Victoria. Forest reserve?? !! ** (punctuation marks expressing stupefaction at how sharp a critical eye and how sharper a critical tongue you have)

  8. With such samples on display to whet my appetite….i now have to come to Uganda for some sun and sin, not necessarily in that order though. Any which way so long as they are facing away from me is fine.

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