I was dreaming when I wrote this; forgive me if it goes astray

The first review of Apprentice Africa I found. I have enjoyed. You may follow suit.

I have been struggling with the next chapter of Never Man for too many months. I updated with an unconnected story.

Because I love to harass sleeping dogs, can I say one more thing about Achebegate: Okay, Okot P’Bitek is a great poet.:

THUNDER CAN BREAK by Christopher Okigbo

Fanfare of drums, wooden bells: iron chapter; And our dividing airs are gathered home.
This day belong to a miracle of thunder;
Iron has carried the forum
With token gestures.
 Thunder has spoken,
Left no signatures: broken
Barbaricans alone tell one tale the winds scatter.
Mountain or tower in sight, lo, your hostages – Iron has made, alas, masterpieces –
Statuettes of legendary heroes – iron birds
 Held – fruit of flight – tight
For barricaded in iron handiwork a miracle caged.
Bring them out we say, bring them out
Faces and hands and feet,
The stories behind the myth, the plot Which the ritual enacts.
Thunder can break –
 Earth, bind me fast –
Obduracy, the disease of elephants.

This guy, apparently, is an even greater poet. Think about the implications of this.

And finally, if I found this with Dave Wong: An animated gif of a man kicking a horse in kicking a horse in the balls.