It’s not that bad

No matter how broke you are, no matter how bad the weather, no matter how awful the caferteria food, no matter how insufferable the kids are being, no matter how naggy the wife, or how neglectful the husband, no matter how much of a financial black hole the car is turning out to be, no matter how hopeless the effort to revise your notes, no matter how permanent-and-not-looking-like-they-are-going-to-budge-an-inch those overloud radio speakers they installed in your office are and no matter how many times you find you have to retreat to the toilets with your notebook because that is the only place in the entire building where you can find the silence to think, no matter what your woes are, at least you don’t have this….


                                                                                     …living in your mirror



  1. Lol…Victoria calling it a thing!

    That’s a ghost! and the eyebrows remind me of Winnie Munyenga! Ever to be surprised. Maybe, she caught her reflection in the mirror.

  2. Banange you people are so mean! That’s my aunty you’re all dissing. And calling a thing. I’m going to report on you. Atte she’s a big person in society. She’s even the wife of some rich guy. And he bought her that make up. Just because one day she lost her wig now you think it’s funny? Shya. Even she was looking her best that day.

  3. @Pissed, I am also a big person in society. I am not just married to some rich guy. I am a rich girl.

    Winnie Munyenga uses a protractor to draw her eyebrows. Apparently she’s not alone

  4. Lol Victoria, Winnie uses a protracter to draw her eyebrows???????? Not hard to believe…the precision with which the arch! Some art.

  5. hehheeeeheee those things of lol dont work cheri .i agree no one should ever have to subject their one and only face of their one and only life to such artistry!

  6. What’s wrong with you?!?!?!?!?! Why would you scar our little minds with such an image? *pours bleach into eyes* must get clean, must get clean…

  7. Shaa,don’t c anything wrong with her. She’s not that bad. She must look like some of u that r expressing so much shock.

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