The Revenge Of Gandalf

Stewie Griffin  here has taken to referring to me as Gandalf the Grey. Could this be because of the single white strand in my goatee? The one which looks very distinguished?

Or is it because of my posture, my gait, the general demeanour of grace and gravitas with which I move, the one that makes everyone think to themselves: “If I were a hobbit, I would definitely be asking that dude to help me find rings.”?

Or is it because of the expert way I just handled the tricky punctuation problem that last sentence/question combination posed, with such cunning skill that the bewildered layman would look on (as you are even know looking on) and say (as you are even now doubtless saying), “This is wizardry!”

No, it is none of the above. It turns out that this nickname is used, not as a compliment, but as a jibe. He taunts me. It is, as the young people say, a “shell”.

Mbu shelling me for being a venerable and distinguished gentleman. That is like shelling Jordan for over-throwing the ball into the hoop.

For the benefit of the youngins: Jordan is this guy who was like the Kobe Bryant of the old days. Only better.

Meanwhile, greetings from Kyaliwajala

funnily advertised rolex stand



  1. Kyali-biki? Baz first try to get a Mzungu to pronounce ya hood. Even this Ugandan is having trouble. Maybe we should soup it up. You know like Dr. Dre says CPT for Compton, we should be saying KYL for Kyali-whatever.

    Now that You moved, does that mean no more Lizzie. But, I have a sneaking feeling she will show up at ya doorstep someday.

  2. Yaaay! Go Kyaliwajjala, GO! That’s my hood, for those who haven’t clicked yet.

    Baz, those shrivelled up cassavas are not representative. Get better pics. Like of Afronica

  3. I would have put myself in the line of fire by owning up to the Gandalf the Grey jab but what the heck, he’d take a bullet for me anyway (would he?) so why not take on Baz for me too?

  4. hey baz, i live just below viena college when u turn the corner right there under the guava tree. feel free to drop in for nescafe(a break from yo star coffee) anyday. between victoria, baz and me, kyaliwajala wil officially be pimped. infact we are hosting the next BHH. eat yo hearts out the rest o ya’ll

  5. Kirundambaata? Kimbejja? People, what’s going on?

    @Antipop, tried to comment on yo blog till i gave up. It’s that Blogger disease, i guess.

    @Baz: Maybe Gandalf isn’t farfetched. I remember reading that piece about the grumpy guy on Sunday like a lifetime ago. Maybe you pimped it up?

  6. @ Carlo: It was you, eh? Okay. Wait right there. I’ll be right back (said menacingly.)

    @Antipop, Cheri and Vicky (Yes, you are Vicky now) You people need to shop for bottles of whiskey and kilos of barbecue meat and you throw me a housewarming party. Bring Obsessions.

    @27th: Nay, you are not a wizard. You are like Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

    @ Carlo: Mickey Mouse was this cartoon that Disney used to make. Disney didn’t only make those High School Musical things of yours.

    @ Magoola: Now look here, Jinja-boy… but no. I can’t even shell.. I mean “chuck” for you (Teti, we are never too old to learn, eh?). I can’t even chuck for Jinja. At least Jinja has dobbis. I still haven’t found a dobbi in Kyaliwajjala.

    @ Phantom, I expect to be respected for my age, not mocked.

  7. Lol @Victoria and Antipop…Kirundambaata lolling… I live after Kimbejja. As if continuing to Kira. Near the borehole. After Jjajja’s shop… Palm tree close. That’s it.

  8. @Baz, there is a dobbi In Kyaliwajjala. Just after Mama Kulu’s tailoring shop. Ask mama Kulu….

    Oh by the way, Kulu is short for Kuluthum. Her noisy daughter.

  9. soulchild, u need to chill. do some damage control with all that jelous u have goin dissing our kyalo.
    baz, kyaliwajjala has no dobbi coz it is a posh place. if u had wanted dobbi’s u shd have moved to kawempe. so i would like to introduce you to apex mobile drycleaner(s) (the woman who moves from house to house washing stuff)

  10. @ antipop, i aint jealous. Let me upgrade ya! The plushest place to live is Kamwokya. We are too high to notice insignificant things like dirty laundry.

    & cheri, i am not chucking, just dissing

  11. Baz, don’t try to avoid our mission is still on? Jordan sneakers..Serena hotel..ring a bell mate?

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