The Weekend of Three Posts. I: Should Sin Be Illegal?

You know what is embarrassing about our religious leaders? Their lack of conviction.
Religiong leaders are so shy, so timid, so coy about their beliefs. They have no conviction.

This is bad enough in itself, without it being compounded with such deceit. Such flagrant, unabashed, desperate deceit. And because they are lying so courageously, we not only fail to notice that they are lying, we forget that they are actually lying out of cowardice.

First it was the whole gay thing. That was a doozie. Lacking the balls to just come up and say “We oppose this thing because God forbids it” they had to fumble around fabricating shameless fictions about so-called gay recruitment drives infiltrating schools to convert heterosexual children, so that they could claim there was someone they wanted to protect.

Now they are lying again. Over the issue of dirty pictures.

Vision says that my friend Nsaba Buturo is working on ammending the law on pornography to make it tighter.

The most popular sites that Internet users prefer (says Vision) are sports websites most especially those of European football clubs, dating sites, penpals, lotteries, visas, employment opportunities and those that are pornographic.

Of all these uses, surfing the Internet for pornography is considered the most dangerous in Uganda. First, consuming pornography is illegal. Second, pornography has been linked to many violent sexual crimes.

Laba ono. Because he lacked the guts to just come out and say: “I believe that no one should watch porn because porn is sinful,” he trots out this turd.

Note that the writer didn’t say, “According to a study by Dr John Smith in 1998, men who consumed pornography were 70 % more likely to commit rape than men who didn’t.”

No. The writer didn’t say that because he has never seen any such study.

Research seeking to find a link between porn and violent sexual behaviour consistently fail to do so. I remember this from media school. Yeah. I paid attention. I remember that they are still trying but they still haven’t found any.

Now, I am not ranting in defense of my porn. I am not worried about naughty pictures being illegal. The law has never managed to stop them – if you want them, you will find them no matter what the law says. But my own tastes in the matter regardless, it remains true that porn is bad manners. Porn is tasteless and crass and vulgar. And, yes, it is true that porn is immoral. Porn is sinful.

Let them not lie to us. Tell us the truth so we can carry this argument on the way we should. The real issue here is: Should sin be illegal?

Should sin be illegal?



  1. ‘gay recruitment drives infiltrating schools to convert heterosexual children’……. sounds like a movie.

  2. Buturo’s rantings remind me of what Immanuel Kant said,
    “The possession of power unavoidably spoils the free use of reason.”

    Maybe Buturo is also a student of Kant, who in a moment of madness (or so I think) said,
    “Man must be disciplined, for he is by nature raw and wild.”

    Illegal sin – now that’s a moral oxymoron if ever there was one.

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