Sentences that didn’t make it into the paper

If it wasn’t for me, the indefatigable EditorMan, this is the sort of shit you would be reading in your Sunday paper. Everybody say “Thank you, Mr Bazanye.” 

 Q. What do you like in the not handsome guys yet you are a “charming princess”? Wi*** K***, 26, Mu***.

A. Beauty lies in the hands of the beholder. To me, beauty does not mean much. I don’t think the one I’m dating now love me because I’m beautiful and neither do I love him because of his looks. I want a man who has a vision, God fearing, successful and who can provide with security.

 And you think all I do at work is surf and blog. I also haha.



  1. That is good compared to the shit I read in other papers. Anyone know a rag called The Reporter? They sure could use your services, Baz

  2. I read somewhere that there is no ugly man. If he can ‘provide with security’ regardless of how a beast he looks, he becomes the best looking thing alive. But if a good looking thing takes you to dinner, then asks you if you have 50 pence to boost the bill, then beauty becomes the beast.

  3. Maua…how a beast..???? U’re like that person Baz is talking about!

    KC, beauty can lie in the HANDS of the beholder. lol. It’s different with some people.

  4. Cheri, forgive me, but seems like I’ve jumped into the Ugali without washing my hands. I thought she was the Naomi Campbell of UG dating a beast.

  5. I feel your pains bro. I go through them too. But remember if all that came thy way was refined, me and you would not walk to our banks and Kireka neighbourhood smiling. Kenyan chik hi. Sorry for hitting at you through this forum

  6. Kale I’m just getting it now…beauty in the hands of the beholder indeed.

    Some people here (I’m steering clear of the word ‘tribe’) claim that their eyes are in their eyes and hands are synonymous. In which case the chic wasn’t wrong

  7. Victoria, in this forum things are laid bare (Baz, xchoose me 4 taking over). Vicky state the tribe—-am really craving to know

  8. By the way, I am totally convinced that the chick being interviewed didn’t say that. The idiot who took the story wrote his own things. Chick is smarter than that.

  9. I am hoping, for your sake, that the people you edit don’t read this blog. Nice time. Off to verbatim vs verbatim

  10. preserving the flavour of the story and its unique signature…heheheheh!! what were people doing when the rest of the class was learning English?

  11. Baz, comes of people who mould (and take) their beauty in their hands.
    Man, who would tell there are such brains in THIS never-never land?

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