First take a look at this here.

This woman.

Look at this woman.


As some would say, spot. Spot this woman.

ouch with effects

 It is words like “agonised expression”, “undergoing unimaginable pain”, “torture in progress”, “trapped in a nightmare” and, “apparently constipated”, that spring forth when one tries to describe that face.

ouch ngaa

Maybe “rectal exam.”



 What is going on in this picture? What are they doing to this woman? What are those awful men doing to this poor, poor, poor, mid-forties-but-not-wanting-to-admit-it-to-herself woman?

The riddle is solved below. The answer is revealed.

mtn ad


It’s an MTN ad. Ludicrous, isn’t it? She doesn’t look good. She looks like she has stared at the very face of death and seen the horror in his deep, black eyes. And she can’t possibly feel good. Apparently she feels like something very uncomfortable is going on in the lower parts of her alimentary canal.

 MTN says “Go!”

Chick in their ad says, “I want to, but I am too constipated. Nghaaa!”

Where is Warid?