Dateline Kampala

Uganda adopts eco-friendly transport

Kampala: Jan 4.   The bodaboda industry has responded to the ongoing fuel shortage in the country with the introduction of a new type of personal public transport vehicle that is not dependent on petroleum fuel. The new vehicle runs on eco-friendly, locally available fuel sources and is set to replace the hitherto popular Bajaj and Mate brands.


The new brand, known as Donkey, has already been successfully launched in the more backawad suburbs of Kampala city, Muyenga and Rubaga, where residents and businesspeople embraced it enthusiastically. 


Minister cautions youth

The Minister for Ethics and Integrity, the Honourable Maureen Namatovu, has urged the youth to resist the corrupting influence of foreign culture. Speaking at the opening of the Little Sister Home For Remorseful Whores Namatovu decried the rate at which Ugandan youth succumb to brainwashing by foreign elements. She called upon young girls to be vigilant and watch out for cultural influences from other countries that are likely to corrupt their minds and cause them to compromise their morals. She urged them to be especially careful of countries like Malawi, which, she said, are full of corrupting influences.

Ethics Minister





bendera. Kenyan flag from Kenyanchick's blog

This flag is from Kenyanchick’s blog. Because there will be peace.


  1. indeed, firsties! dude, pass whatever you have been smoking or otherwise infusing, intravenously or by way of the appropriate orifice.

  2. Did they also buy donkey nappies?

    Yiii Baz! Little Sis Home for remorseful whores???! Feel a little remorse!

    Am with you Cheri

  3. dude,
    u do know that that port-a-loo on the back of that truck, the last in the convoy, is the First Port-a-loo in the land? the one patronised by the First Citizen himself? wonder if he favours Charmin 2 ply, Eurosilk or plain old Rosy…mmph, the mind wanders…

    Kenyanchick n all the other Kenyan blogren,; peace will prevail!

    but by God, all those years of watching us bungle up our own elections have taught y’all leaders how to properly rig an election, eeh?

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