And now, for some New Year’s Resolutions

1. Greet everybody by saying “Well done.”
2. Bid them farewell by saying “Nice Time.”
3. Get the hell off MTN. Warid, here I come.
4. Or Hits. Whatever. Either way, I am tired of MTN, Celtel’s adverts. are. stupid. and I am already on UTL anyway.
5. Become a chap who wears ties all the freakin’ time so that way I can finally get some respect around here. What about.
6. Two words: Joh. Nnie. Two more words: Every. Night. No more being a casual social drinker. Why should I continue with sucking life when I might just have dormant alcoholic’s genes that I could exploit?
7. Make my annual attempt to move out of Kireka earlier than usual. Maybe March.
8. Buy a car.
9. Hah hah. Just kidding about part 8. What part of “I’m broke” don’t you understand, banange? You give me the car money. I’ll find something to do with it. Like move out of Kireka, buy a Warid phone, some neckties, bottles of Johnnie Walker…
10. That’s ten resolutions.  Ten is enough. Time to go, now, so goodn–  Oh. I mean, Nice Time.

26 thoughts on “And now, for some New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I’ve got firsties on lasties … I knew my cyber crush on you wasn’t in vain.

    On resolution number 8, dude, don’t fight it. Give in to the moving metal mania. Become what the stars said you would be: A Real Petrolhead.

    Oh, and lose all your savings in the process.

    But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing …

  2. You are going to make ‘well done’ and ‘nice time’ sound cool. Those are one of the words that I never liked hearing when I had just come to UG.

    I preferred the previous template but well, it is ok.

    Move out of Kireka and come to Ntinda. It is the place.

    Nice resolutions.

  3. And, oh, on the Johnnie Every nite, Baz, there is a shortage of livers on the world market. The ones available on the black market are expired goods. And we all know wat about the white market!!!

  4. nice time
    after i put on my new shoes for love is wicked chics
    now they aint showing up
    was going to teach them a new line
    nice time!!!
    will try the 311 guys

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