Right back at’cha

I replied to Maina 41naina three days ago, but I haven’t heard from him. Which is scary, because if he doesn’t reply soon, I will get bored of the whole thing and move on to other forms of idleness.

Like making lolkinstons or something

But even if he does reply this very minute, I am weighed down by doubt and feelings of inadequacy. Yes, I was hoping to string him along and have some fun at his expense, but I know I will never be as good at it as Mike.

Mike (full name never disclosed) is a scambaiter. His hobby is collecting 419 emails, replying to them, and toying with the scammers, then publishing their full email exchanges on his website. Look at it. The results are hilarious, and gripping. I suggest you print out and take home, so that you don’t spend an hour at work laughing at your screen.
Next to this guy whatever I do will be pale and limpid and weak.

I mean, the guy made one of them get a tattoo. He even managed to scam one of them right back. The scammer sent him money!

After Tumwijuke, he is my hero.