30 thoughts on “This one is for all those who are stuck at computers on public holidays.

  1. Yiii Minty. Even me I know! Though I still fail to get who Robin Thicke is. Anyway, Sean Kingston is the brains (mbu) behind ‘Beautiful Girls’ – yes, that nice song. It’s obvious you don’t watch jam agenda.

    But Baz, give us poor workaholics something more interesting than this obese dwanzi – we deserve some love.

  2. Victoria, that is NOT a nice song!

    Minty kyokka.

    Dee and Samantha: Exactly!

    Naye Peace, you don’t know the word “Na Lo?” That’s worse than not recognising Karaoke Kingston.

  3. What? Two people who don’t know Na lo? Bobi Wine is not doing his job!

    Though to be honest, I don’t know what it means either. I just hear musicians say it.

  4. now we know who accesses the net on public holidays..

    man that guy looks like a chocolate donut gone wrong!!…no..wait..a burnt potato head..is it me who still remembers that cartoon?

  5. Someone told me once NA LO is a corruption of the swahili ‘na roho’, which means with my life, or something to that effect. So if someone tells u they love you NA LO , they are making a deep statement. Or maybe it is a swear word. Or maybe it meand Bobi Wine’s dreads. or wharrrever

  6. They see me lol-ing, they hatin’ patrollin, tryin to catch me surfin dirty, trying to catch me surfin dirty, my rockets are so loud, they quakin’….

  7. Lol Ivan….they see u lol-ing…are u one of those bagande that can’t say Rolling and said lol-ing…now u’re tryna string us along.

    Victoria, u really shd get a blog.

    Brown Teletubby…lol


    Where is Rev… I miss him Na Lo!

  8. gosh! one picture got people getting all creative..plagiarizing..replicating jaundiced parts of songs and whatnot! hehehehe!!

  9. Linguistics, people. Na Lo is a Lugandanised version of ;’Na law’, which is a piginised version of ‘that’s the law’.

    *I’m good like that*

  10. Majorly Funny y’all

    Yeah even you Ivan!!


    Thanks for all the feedback…
    Makes Baz seem even more hilarious
    Wait, he is!!

    i think!

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