In defense of my friend Moli

You may have seen the scandalous photographs of Maureen and Code that have been going around the email circuit. If you have been living in a cave, let me fill you in: the email shows the two cavorting in a fashion that looks suspiciously sexual. They are both naked in passionate embraces and “the codebreaker” can be seen. It is in alert mode.
Yes, I took a brief glance when I saw them, but that’s all. A brief glance. Moli never really did it for me, you know. Sue me, but she didn’t. I just saw the email, and after raising an eyebrow, moved on to the next email. I am a busy man. What about. Anyway…

This has led to speculation that Moli was lying when she told us that during her stay in the house she always conducted herself like a perfect lady. Some have taken the Hiltonesque nature of the photos as evidence to the contrary.


Well, let her set the record straight. She Did Not Have Sex With That Man.

In fact she invites you to look closely at the pictures. Look closely, she says, and you will see.



  1. Maude shocked me. I thought this girl had kept her modesty to herself, kumbe she devalued herself like the Zimbabwean currency. I’m disappointed in her. The rest of Africa must think that Ugandans are the horniest bunch of people alive!!!!

  2. The “CODEBREAKER” Lol

    I looked closely ans saw Coitus interruptus…to borrow from Joshi and Ivan. Wat’s the brownish thing that joins the two???

  3. Victoria , kyokka you make me funny! Evah!

    Cheri, the brownish thing????

    Peace, be glad you can’t see them.

    Minty, I guess it is whatever those guys didn’t do.

    Oh, and someone should get Victoria a blog, yeah?

  4. Aegeus would you like to be in the pics? Anyway Victoria is a reader, not a writer. If everyone wrote, who would read?

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