Not that bad, actually

I had an argument with a colleague recently, after we read a New Vision story that said the percentage of Ugandans living below the poverty line had dropped from 38 to 31 percent since 2005. He said this claim was false. What a deceitful government! “Every time I go to the village, all I see is poverty,” he argued.
I responded with the only response that was natural and things proceeded to the point where he suggested that the Movement had influenced the UN and other international bodies to falsify their statistics and research in order to make Museveni look good.

That’s when I quit.

The reason I say this now is to ask: could it be the same kind of thinking that leads us to insist that there was an Ebola cover-up during CHOGM?

It doesn’t seem that likely. But no one wants to absolve this government of blame for anything it ever gets accused of.

I mean, the government is colossally corrupt; they treat political dissent in a foolish and barbarian way; they can’t seem to manage roads, electricity, or markets; the give a salary to that odious Nsaba Butoru guy… every day is another reason to despise the government.

I guess that is why it would be so hard to let one slide.

That was supposed to be two sentences to lead to these two links:

Tumwijuke is in Bundibugyo. And Antipop can make you laugh your buns off in an amusing way.

Next post will be about toilets. I promise.



  1. But for what it is worth, the CDC submitted ebola confirmatory results to the MoH within 48 hours of receiving the blood samples. That would be….Nov 12?

  2. I still seriously think there WAS a prevarication of action (if you hate the phrase ‘cover up’). Understandably. You know what would have happened. News headlines here and overseas would make the situation seem too dangerous that innevitably CHOGM might have been cancelled. We couldn’t let that happen. Maybe I’m just too cynical about the government.

    Toiletus publicus? Yay already!

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