(Or Tales from the Gulag III)

Now, you know not everyone in Kampala is as steeped in post-millennial pop culture as you and I, which sucks, because pop culture references are the currency of cool people communication.
We don’t have a lot of movie fans in my office.
But they are fans of coffee; that they don’t mind. They drink coffee.

This evening after colleague had put the ingredients in a cup, he discovered that he could not find anything to stir them with. So he asked, loudly, where the stirring implement was.

I intoned, quietly:

There is no spoon.”

This should have been met with rioutous laughter, sub-editors falling off their seats, clutching at their bellies and coughing up globules of mirthful blood, but I got no reaction at all. No one even realised that a brilliant joke had been cracked.

Till nex’ week, laysngennermen, I leave you with this Move — or as Carlos taught me to say, this Next move cut. Alicia Keys got Kanye to tack on a verse. Sooweeet. Cheri, pump up your speakers.