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Let’s rock this joint, baby. Deejay, track number one. Naaaalo!

This is what that other news website says: That I hear

Socialite Paris Hilton is “terrified” about her safety on her forthcoming trip to Rwanda – The Simple Life star, 26, is making a charity jaunt to the African nation to film scenes for her new reality TV series but is concerned about her personal safety.

Paris Hilton says she is scared to come to East Africa? Somebody must have warned her that me and my baseball bats were waiting for her. Who snitched?


We are so glad to have former Uganda Big Brother housemate Maureen Namatovu back home. Welcome back, Moli!

Meanwhile, did you know that the BBAII website has a facebook thing on it? It has chicks in Harare online claiming to have jobs.

Shyaa! What business is that when a sumbusa in Zimbabwe costs point five ma?

I should not make fun of Zimbabwe inflation. It hurts the feelings of the Zimbabwean people. I know this because a Zimbabwean Chick (named Zimbabwaen Chick) visited the blog a few days ago and left this irate comment.

 angry Zim chick

On behalf of all the people of the Republic of Uganda, I offer Robert Mugabe, Bertha, and all Zimbabweans my sincerest apologies. I hope your woes end soon so you can afford to pay your school fees and learn the spellings of words like “Zimbabwean”.


Good News About Africa on the BBC!

Beyonce says African fans were one of the best audience of her lifetime
Pop star Beyonce has joined millennium celebrations in Ethiopia with a concert for 5,000 fans.  The star gave a two-hour performance in Addis Ababa, singing songs from her new album, B’Day.  Beyonce told screaming fans that they had been one of the best audiences of her lifetime

You may remember that she had refused to perform in Malaysia after they insisted that she perform fully clothed from her shoulders to her knees. This led to several bad jokes about no Malaya outfits in Malaysia.

So, since she couldn’t strip in Malaysia, she went to Addis and stripped there instead.
Beyonce performing in Addis Ababa

Then she went to Romania and stripped there, too.

Then she went to Mumbai and stripped there as well.

My theory is that she lost her luggage on the plane from Addis and that is why she had to perform in the same same same dress for the rest of the tour.

Oh, we are not done yet.

Our correspondent brought this to our attention:

 “BOYS were dressed in female attire to imitate the women youth delegates representing 30 different Commonwealth states. The chief guest at the mock Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting at Kabalega SS, was Kanaginagi Ateenyi, the secretary for finance in Masindi local government.

He encouraged the students to exercise their political rights and to avoid joining wrong political activities which are not focused on human development.

The Parents’ and Teachers Association chairperson, Charles Mugyemano pledged a bull to the students, in recognition of Kenneth Sunday, S.5, who made a beautiful queen.

 Correspondent said: “Boys dressed up as Queens? Where is Nsaba?



  1. Sabagamba?

    Boy’s dressed as queens? Nsaba suddenly has a lot of shit to write yap about, first Moli and now Male queens…

  2. Will you chill out Kobayashi and stop stealing my firsties!!! Moving on, I know some very masculine people who can pull of being women quite adequately. They were in high school when we met and because theirs was a stag school like mine, we still got crushes on them even after seeing them try to catwalk across the stage. They looked better in their school uniforms anyway but yes, boys can dress up as girls but I’m not sure about being queens. Afterall, beauty is a central part of Queens right?

  3. Kyoka Beyonce! My 3 year old kid has a classmate called Beyonce!! How dumb can we get?

    And Paris Hilton is too funny!

  4. Baz, that lady is in big business, if she sold just 2 sumbiz (heh heh, I couldn’t resist calling it that. It meant sumn nasty in school), she’d be rich!!!!

  5. hahaha, so Beyonce also repeats clothes like us mere mortals?
    but then again its probably like Galliano or some shit, and cost 5 ma (no, not Zim dollars) so yeah, i’d also want the whole third world to see it!

    please wait for me before you go to Rwanda to beat up Paris Hilton… i can’t miss out on that action! i’m polishing my baseball bats as we speak. goin to beat some sense into that chick!

  6. Nsaba IS a queen. Didn’t you read his nasty comment about Maureen’s eviction from Big Brother. No real dude’s dude says that kind of thing.

  7. You should stop stalking Beyo. But don’t stop stocking baseball bats for Paris Hilton.
    Meanwhile, I predict Zimbabwaen chick is coming back. And the baseball bat will be in her hand.

  8. @ Cheri: u think that’s bad… all the Zim chicks I know have some random middle name like Scholastic or Engineer… true story!

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