Don’t complain about work. You are not supposed to enjoy your job. If God wanted you to enjoy your job, he wouldn’t have called it work. He would have called it Ice Cream.

En español: No se queje por trabajo. Le no suponen gozar de su trabajo. Si el dios quisiera que usted gozara de su trabajo, él no lo habría llamado trabajo. Él lo habría llamado helado.

I met Big Ben. He’s little. So I asked, “Where is the rest?” No one could tell me.

In italiano: Ho venuto a contatto di Ben grande. È piccolo. Così ho chiesto, “dove è il resto?” Nessuno hanno potuto dirmi.

Yoweri Museveni with Buchaman’s dreadlocks. Serious babemagnet, I’ll bet.

Auf deutsch: Yoweri Museveni mit dreadlocks Buchamans. Ernstes babemagnet, wette ich.

I have heard it said that sooner or later everybody gets haemorroids and dies. Not necessarily at the same time, of course.

Em português: Eu ouvi-me disse que aquele mais logo ou mais tarde todos começa a haemorroids e morre. Não necessariamente ao mesmo tempo, naturalmente.

But Museveni could do with a visit to the gym. Just once in a while, doggie, it won’t kill you.

En Francais: Mais Museveni a pu faire avec une visite à la salle de gymnastique. Juste de temps à autre, chienchien, il ne vous tuera pas.

Wonder if he has haemorroids. He is quite old. He might have.

En español: l: Pregúntese si él tiene haemorroids. Él es absolutamente viejo. Él puede ser que tenga.

Whatever Stephen Fry is smoking 

In het Nederlands: Welk Stephen ook Fry rookt.