You know how some random phrase, casually encountered just out of the blue, will trigger off the memory of some song? And this song will start looping in the back of your mind and never stop ever again? At least not until the next song comes along? Or is it just me?

I am keeping a log of the “ear worms” today.
10:00am- Staring at the Sun by U2

I was looking for new desktop wallpaper and landed on a picture of a planet emerging from behind the sun. Very picturesque. (No, that is not the wallpaper I used. I settled on Liv Tyler. It is a Teusday. The rationale that links Tyler with Tuesday may not be clear, but trust me, it exists.)
That was enough to get Bono’s sepulchral, soulless zombie wail echoing through my head.

11:30 am
The theme of Two and A Half Men.

A friend says, “I’m bored and disgruntled. Maybe I’ll get a boyfriend to distract me.” The discussion leads to the option of senseless, meaningless, commitment-free liaisons instead of boyfriends. Like Charlie in the second GREATEST SITCOM ALIVE OMG OMG TOTALLY!!!!111!!.
Now all I am hearing is the theme song of Two and A Half Men.

What a Life, by Saigon.

He is an underground rapper you may not have heard of. This worm got in because David asked for some music. While I was copying the files to his flash disc, I noticed this one. Nice. Started humming it. At last a worm that comes in through the front door.

1:10 pm
Joe Le Taxi, by Vanessa Paradis

Not very imaginative, I know, but while walking to the taxi stage I somehow picked up Joe Le Taxi. Trouble is I don’t really know the words, so my head just mumbled, “Joe Le Taxi, su kaaabo, (turump!) Alimumaaso, alasiri (turump!) Joe Le Taxi (turummm-tuRUMP!)” etc. etc.

Champagne Supernova, by Oasis
I have no idea what started this, but I love the song, so I am grateful. In fact I decided to play it properly. From the beginning to the bridge to the end. Making little air-guitar movements with my fingers.


Guy in the taxi next to me has one of those fancy-ass phones which have actual songs as ringtones. And this &*%£Grunt!Grunt!!?*$$!! had a Kenny G song to alert him of incoming phonecalls.
Before I developed the sophisticated and enlightened jazz tastes I have now, before I became a jazz snob, I actually owned Kenny G’s Breathless. So I kind of know the songs. Which means that they can actually loop through the jukebox…I had to gird my mental loins against it. Champagne Supernova! I demanded. Champagne! Super! Nova!

Umbrella, Rihanna

Back in the office to update this blog post. I get to the comments. Soulchild and Victoria are talking about Umbrella. The Gallagher brothers crumble before the force of that song.

Got yourself a…
By Nas (and,  jumping in and out, the Sopranos)

I am IM-chatting with one of my peoples and this particular peoples, in the course of the chat, declares, “I need to get myself a life.”
In my head, like clockwork, it begins: “Woke up this morning… Got yourself a gun! Got yourself a gun. Got yourself a…”