I am not that BBA-savvy. I don’t have a lot of time to watch the show. I just get to hear bits and pieces.

I do know that there is a sleazy Tanzanian who has spent the entire duration of his stay trying to commit adultery with what looks like a set of five broomsticks tied together with bikini-fabric.

Then there is a Ghanaian, Patrick Quarcoo, a former radio station executive.

There is Moli, my former cousin, who has set up a home in the Big Brother house with a nice young man who doesn’t have a name but is known, instead, by a code.

There was a Kenyan possessed by evil spirits and a pair of large breasts but those were evicted. That is the sum of my BBA knowledge.

So when I heard that Bertha was out, I needed to ask, “Which one is that?”

“The bitchy one.”

“Which one is that?”

“The one from Zimbabwe.”

“Which one is that?”

When I saw this news story, I had to call my BBA correspondent. “Bertha from Zimbabwe: Put her back in,” I said.

According to AHN News
“Despite the fact that the price of beer has skyrocketed over 100 percent to $280,000 from $70,000 a pint, Zimbabwe’s inflation rate nevertheless registered a slowdown to 6,592 percent in August;”

Imagine she wins, takes the prize money, goes back home and…

         …all she can do is buy a doughnut.

That would be fun.